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Political Egotist's "Dis" Christians


            When George Bush said the god of Islam was the same God worshipped by Christians and Jews many people were extremely disappointed in the fundamental ignorance he exhibited. Unfortunately we have become accustomed and even accepting of the right couching their actions in religious terms even as they act contrary to the Gospel message for the sake of political expediency. I once told my mentor in South Carolina that it was dangerous to endorse a man from the pulpit because sooner or later he will disappoint you. I find it much more comfortable to be exposing all than to be the friend of any.

            But I have to give the Republicans this: they have at least had enough discretion to not announce what their program was when it came to putting on the mantle of religion. The Democrats have evidenced so much contempt for the insight of Christians that they have come right out and announced that when they are in one part of the country they will present one face, but as they move South, toward the Bible belt, they will put on the mantle of faith.

            I once thought of Joe Lieberman as a man of principle but he was willing to surrender those to be the running mate of Al Gore, and I have thought less of all the rest of them for reasons that I do not have room to enumerate here. But the purpose of writing these reports is to inform Christians, so now I focus on the one person who has so far done the best job of treating Christians with contempt. That man is Howard Dean.

            Dean is the one who believes in civil unions for gays and lesbians as a religious conviction. He came to this theological conviction because the Vermont Supreme Court forced it on him. One of the religious ruses he might get away with is saying that his favorite book of the New Testament is Job and his least favorite is Numbers. I think he might get away with this because I don't believe many other people know where those books are either. Dean who was baptized Catholic and raised Episcopalian has been pronounced most electable by Arianna Huffington, which means he can probably go back to his true religion after the election.

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