Murdered Actress & Illegal Immigration
Dr. Michael L. Ford
9 November 2006

	The foul murder of actress Adrienne Shelly by an
illegal alien has gotten America’s attention more than
most crimes committed by those entering our country
illegally. This actress, whose films I have never
seen, left behind a heartbroken husband, Andrew
Ostroy, and a two year old daughter named Sohie. It is
unlikely this child will grow to maturity with any
memory of her mother because of a self serving illegal
migrant such as the government has been choosing to
ignore for some time.
	The illegal Ecuadoran immigrant killed her in fear
she might call the police after he got involved in an
argument with her. Reading the Times, it looked as if
they were seeking to develop sympathy for Diego
Phillco. They did this by telling us how hard he was
working to pay off the $12,000 debt he incurred getting
smuggled into America while sending money home to his
family. I am afraid I do not feel much sympathy for
him because if he had not broke the law coming to
America he would not have had the debt. I notice he
had been in the country for less than six months when
he managed to do something to get the Nation’s
	Perhaps Phillco was inclined toward other crimes as
well. Sara Moore complained of his stare as she walked
down the apartment house stairs. He evidently gave her
a look “Only a woman would know.” Actually we do not
know what else this violence prone illegal immigrant
might have committed since he arrived in the U.S. of
A. Perhaps we never will.
	Coming to this country is a crime, a misdemeanor the
first time and a felony after that. But it is never a
victimless crime because it impacts job opportunities
for American citizens, especially those at the bottom
of the income level. The poor, minorities, and
children are made to suffer because the illegals use
up limited social resources that should go to American
citizens. On top of that illegal immigrants have been
continually raising the crime rate across the nation.
The murder of Ms. Shelly is not the first time
Americans have been made into mortal victims of
illegals. We have even had one mass murderer in the
mix. The situation only promises to worsen now that
liberals are in power.

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