Illegal Immigration
Michael L. Ford, Th.D.
14 April 2006
	Frankly, I am a bit irritated. At a time when I would
rather concentrate on the sacrifice and resurrection
of the Lord Jesus Christ, this business of illegal
immigrants boldly demonstrating in the streets
demanding what they have not earned is an unwelcome
distraction. There are a number of reasons I find the
whole business rather disturbing, and I would like to
share them:
	First of all, the focus is on Hispanics. It puts good
people of Latin American origin in this country into a
position of being looked at with suspicion. Perhaps
they are not legitimate citizens? I have friends and
have served in the military with patriotic Americans
of such ancestry and I am jealous that they should be
respected. Illegal immigration hurts this portion of
our society.
Frankly, a lot of the danger from illegal immigration
has to do with those who slip in along with folks who
just want work. But like the Moslem immigrants who
want to corrupt our world and make it like the failed
society they left, there are some who come here
wanting to regain ceded territories for their native
country, Mexico. They are being abetted in this by
people who are part of Marxist organizations that hate
the United States. The main line media is not telling
this, but then many in the media are known have
treasonous attitudes toward America anyway.
Then there is the problem of our lovely politicians.
Why hasn’t immigration authorities been out there
arresting illegals during this time they have been
openly declaring their status? The answer is politics
and politicians. The Democrats want illegal immigrants
made legal because they know the majority will vote
for them and they do not care the impact on the
country as long as they gain power. The Republicans
“break weak” because the “Prez” speaks Spanish and
they have deluded themselves that this might help them
keep power, and besides they want to seem “caring.”
Among both political parties there are also people who
have greater loyalty to a One World Order than they do
to America. GATT, NAFTA, and all that mess has been
about building economic spheres for the “new order”
and the destruction of borders and America’s economy
is about that plan as well.  

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