China Poisons

Dr. Michael L. Ford

6 July 2007


            Several years ago when we bought some soup bowls I got them home to discover they were made in China. Instantly misgivings popped into my head. First of all I remembered some years earlier reading an article claiming Andy Warhol had been poisoned from eating regularly from his extensive artistic pots collection. Then the thought occurred to me China is a land with a national history of using poisons for political purposes. It would be a good scheme to poison Americans by selling them products that slowly poisoned them.

            My wife told me I was imagining things, then we were given a set of stainless flatware that had come from China. I add a bit of bleach to my dishwater and one day started dishes but was called away and they soaked overnight. Low and behold, the coating came off several pieces of cutlery and the base metal below was exposed. I threw the pieces in the garbage not knowing what metal I might be seeing exposed below. Now we hear of Christian fish necklaces for children, from China and sold by Oriental Trading, having a dangerous lead content. That company sells many churches the knickknack gifts used during Vacation Bible Schools.

            After learning our pets are being poisoned with tainted pet food from China, we also learned toothpaste and other health care products, beauty products, meat, and yes, even toys like James the fire engine pieces are all putting poisons into our systems. Has anyone ever considered that the poisoning is occurring over too many products, that it is too widespread to be an accident? Maybe our leaders have not done so because Chinese mercury poisoning has affected their brains.

            My wife and I alternate giving each other Valentine coffee cups each year. The one I got this year, while marked dishwasher and microwave safe, had a brown stain show up inside it after a few washings. I turned the cup over to discover it was made in China. I have suspicions the cup is not human safe. The same week this happened the cheeseslicer broke. My wife got us a new shiny one from Wally World, yep, made in China! Warhol move over!

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