When Will They Ever Learn

Dr. Michael L. Ford

20 May 2005

Below is the fruit of the Roadmap for Peace in the Middle East. It was over this issue I very nearly did not go to the polls and vote for a President. Had it not been for the many issues and the alternative I would not have gone for the sake of Israel. But God will hold our nation accountable for the acts of our leaders.


For Zion’s sake I will not hold My peace, and for Jerusalem’s sake, I will not rest…- Isaiah 62:1
Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Recently, several volunteers and staff of FZS were given opportunity to

visit one of the Jewish settlements, Elon Moreh, destined for ‘disengagement’ by the Israeli government. This settlement overlooks the city of Shechem, the first place visited by Abraham where God said “…to your descendants I will give this land.” Genesis 12:6-7. The proposed disengagement plan is intended to give back so-called 'occupied land' to the Arabs in order to create a Palestinian State and in the process 22 Jewish communities in Samaria, Judea and Gaza will be destroyed, literally sabotaging the sovereignty of the Jewish nation. As well, the residents of these settlements have been given no vote on this life threatening decision.

Since yesterday, there have been 60 Kassam Rockets and mortar shells blasted into the settlement of Gush Katif and not one shot has been returned by the Israeli army. Why would the army suddenly not be protecting their own…because they want them to leave? There is some very serious trouble brewing and the prayer needs are URGENT! Please pray for the protection of the people in the settlements and prayerfully consider how the Lord would use you as one of the strangers coming alongside His chosen. They need to see, more than ever, who is standing with them and by God’s grace, will see our Savior.

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