Vicar Produces Nude Calendar

8 August 2004

            When I began research for the report on this latest in a series of Church of England scandals which often rivals the depravity of its offshoot, the Episcopalian Church of the United States, I had no idea what I was about to turn up. First, I will give you the basics of the church scandal and then I will share with you what I learned about some of the people involved with the nude calendar.

            The calendar was not the idea of the Vicar we are told, but as a person who is supposed to be a man of God, Stephen Earley should have certainly known better. But there are many these days whose hearts are far removed from the Gospel and the ethics and morality of Christianity. It is reported by Jeanette Oldham in the Sunday Mercury that Earley was not expecting any complaints about the “saucy shots” going on display at St. Martin’s and being sold over the Internet. Really. He must have thought everyone’s heart was as far removed from the Word of God as his own.

            Jo Hoffman who posed for the calendar was reported by BBC News to have said “We wanted to celebrate womanhood, to heal a little of the pain suffered by our sisters in Rwanda.” It escapes me how you celebrate womanhood by demeaning it, or bring relief to suffering of rape victims, which is supposed to be the purpose of the calendar, by appealing to the base interests of people. The Vicar spoke about empowering Rwandan women who have been debased. I suppose they think the way to do that is by debasing themselves. Is the thinking a little strange here or what?

            The fact many of the Rwandan rapes and massacres ten years ago took place in churches where people fled for sanctuary supposedly played into the desire to bring relief to the victims of Rwanda. There is probably some shared guilt as well because of the stories of priests who betrayed their parishioners to the murderers and rapists for their own selfish purposes. But this is not the way to address the issue. It amazes me that someone amongst the group could not see this, which encourages me to believe that some demonic force was behind the clouding of their minds. I do not think they accomplished this act of utter foolishness solely on the basis of their own deluded thought processes.

            The clue to what is behind this begins with the source of the inspiration. They got the idea two years ago while sitting around a fire at a Halloween Party. If you have gotten the idea know this also. The number of women invited to pose for the calendar numbered thirteen. (Yeah, I know December to December.) But there is more so read on.

Mrs. Hofman, who was part of that group, is a Complementary Therapist, a practitioner of holistic healing. This particular group of people use such things as psychic insight and occultic practices from far places like India and the Far East. (You can find this out for yourself by visiting practitioner’s websites.) This is the source of many of the new false religions traveling about the Western World today. We already know that the spirit inspiring such a calendar was not of God and as we go along we discover that the Vicar probably has more problems in his parish than a mere lack of spiritual discernment.

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