Prof 'Execute Republicans' Aimed at Christians

Dr. Michael L. Ford

14 March 2007


            Liberal professors using their positions to rant against Republicans and Christianity are nothing new. So when Jessica Bryan, professor at North Idaho College, was exposed for her misuse of class time to attack Republicans I almost dismissed the whole report as that of just one more kook who is trying to misshape young minds. But then I started thinking about one of her continuing statements and how similar ideas have been acted on in the history of the world. She proposed executing anyone who ever voted Republican. We have seen plenty of political executions take place in this world. It is not funny even though she said it was alright because she said it with a smile.

            World Net Daily once again broke the story that is being overlooked by the mass media including Fox. They would rather report on soap operas like Anna Nicole than what is really going on in the world. I do not buy into the argument that an English Composition teacher should be presumed ignorant of history, even though I do consider it likely that both her and the people that hired her have a more profound lack. Thank God there are still some sources where information about such things can be found.

            Rants from liberal professors aimed at Christians are a very common part of the higher education school experience these days. And, while it was not reported Prof. Bryan also supported the execution of Christians, it was stated she said people who could not read or think right should be executed as well. Liberal professors commonly picture Christians as ignorant people with logic disabilities. It is a very safe assumption that she was not trying to teach her students to think as she claimed, but was in fact demonstrating her own prejudices.

            Recently, the Barna Research Group published its findings concerning political parties and those who are part of them. Christians seem to gravitate more to the Republicans, especially the more important their beliefs are, and atheists and agnostics, though smaller in number, find Democrats more to their liking. Christianityís strong influence in politics is hated by many who see Christian influence as a hindrance to the liberalís ungodly goals.

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