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Solar flare heralds President Bush's ban in Partial Birth Abortion 

The image was released by NASA and can be found at:

The RU-486 Connection

This flare came from "Region 486" on the Sun, on the same day reporters were writing about Bush's signing against Partial Birth Abortions while other lawmakers were renewing their fight against RU-486, as reported that same day.


The "coincidence" (or SIGN from God?) was uncanny that this burst from the Sun, the largest in recorded history was effectively showing two DIFFERENT images at the same time coming from region 486 of the Sun.

Some were seeing a fetus



and some were seeing a young baby's head


in the image of the solar flare.

What do you see? Show your friends and ask them what they see.


The Original Image was taken by NASA and the outlining of the image was done as far as I can determine by the people at Elijah List, the publisher of which is Steve Shultz


"Largest in History" Solar Flare 'Heralds' Bush's Ban on Partial Birth Abortion and Lawmaker's Fight Against RU-486 with amazing Heavenly Signs and Wonders


In one of the most eerie, yet prophetic combination of Signs and Wonders seen in years, the physical center of the earth's solar system, the Sun -on Tuesday- catapulted the largest-ever blast of super hot gas into space. Billions of tons of this jettisoned gas will send solar energy estimated to be roughly twice that ever recorded toward the earth.

But more bizarre still, this blast occurred in region "486" of the sun, only the day before President Bush signed the historic ban on "Partial Birth Abortion."

On the same day, D.C. journalists are reporting that Anti-abortion lawmakers are preparing to renew their fight to halt sales of the abortion pill RU-486  after a California woman's death was linked to the pill.

More astonishing yet- In a most amazing twist to these three events, even to the casual observer, the released space photo of this solar flare seems to show an uncanny resemblance of an emerging head-first depiction of a young child -- as if in a partial birth or of a coming forth.


It does not take an extremely prophetic minded observer to "read into" this event "a Word from Heaven."

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