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Bush's Immigration Plan

            I do not like foolishness when a Republican comes up with it any more than I do when it is born in the breast of a Democrat. The Bush immigration plan is so much like some of the stupidity we have seen out of Democrats in order to get Hispanic votes it does not take any leap of the imagination to understand why it has been formulated. Shame on you Mr. President.

            For Mexico, the movement of Mexican citizens across the border into the United States has been a 12 billion, yes that's right billion, dollar windfall for the Mexican economy that has been propping up their tottering system. The United States true national interest lies in Mexican reform, the very thing President Bush's immigration plan threatens to circumvent.

            Something the pundits and politicians ignore is that it is not simply work that brings people across the border. Shortages in food, housing, and health care, not to mention persecution of Christians by Catholics encourage people to come across the Rio Grande into the U.S.A. Preteens and aged come, not to work, but to have needs met that Mexico cannot or will not provide for.

            One argument made today is that Mexican workers are doing jobs Americans refuse to do. Don't get me started on the welfare system that enncourages laziness now. I would rather focus on the fact that most of the jobs Mexicans are filling are jobs where the employers are paying less than the work is worth to increase profits. Did you know that most who serve tables in restuaraunts are being paid a training wage and are dependent on tips to live?

            Had I the space I could demonstrate that it is actually uneconomical to use workers from Mexico to support the American economy. But I think it is also important that we consider something more important. Where is the morality of trafficing in human capital? We have demonstrated in the past a predatory tendency exists among the people who get involved in benefiting from the importation of people to meet labor needs. Not a few that have come to this country for a chance to work have found their wages stolen by their employers at the end of the day.

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