Education Report

3Rís Now 3 Hís

Humanism, Homosexuality, and Harlotry


            Actually, the title of this report is misleading. The religion of humanism began to be taught first in our classrooms. It actually began in the early part of the twentieth century introduced by people the likes of John Dewey. Harlotry began to be taught as the course of the religion of humanism ran its course. Key signs along the way was school interference in the raising of children, teaching children to put condoms on bananas, and refusing to teach abstinence education until it was too late for it to do any good. Now we are seeing the introduction of the middle H, homosexuality.

            The influx began with introductions of such subjects as ďItís okay to be gay.Ē This is being taught to kids even though 95% of the parents in the United States believes that there is something very wrong with being perverted sexually. Donít blame the teachers. They were raised in the public school system and indoctrinated by NEA sanctioned teacher education programs. In short, they have been brainwashed, and they paid for the privilege just like you will pay for the perverting of your own children. The new teacherís manuals that are coming will more openly declare "teaching children to be critical of oppression is teaching true morality.Ē This new teaching will specially include teaching against the oppression of homosexuals.

            It is interesting that after all these years of issuing warnings, I am still finding what I have to say either disregarded or denied. But if you pull the record of what I have written, preached, and taught concerning these sins, you will find my record of being right on these things are 100%. Now I will tell you that the focus of the indoctrination is set to begin in kindergarten. 

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