Would You Trust Kofi Annan With Your Life
Dr. Michael L. Ford
30 August 2006

	Some reading my question might argue it is not a
valid one. After all, he is just the Secretary General
of the U.N., and a man whose term will, we hope,
expire in January. But if you feel that way you must
not realize the amount of American sovereignty that
has been ceded to the United Nations over time. By the
way, did you realize most of U.N. members hate
Americans? As you think about this do you feel a
little bit more uncomfortable? If you do ask yourself
this: Why should the Israelis be asked to trust their
lives to Kofi Annan and the U.N. then? Even more of
its members hate Jews than hate Americans, and there
is good evidence Secretary General Kofi Annan leads
the pack.
	During the recent conflict Annan condemned Israel for
over reacting to the kidnappings of its citizens that
broke the back of endurance after suffering years of
random rocket attacks and other forms of terrorism
from Hizbollah in southern Lebanon. He did this
knowing full well that the restraint shown by Israel,
even at this time, actually resulted in more Israeli
deaths and injuries among civilians and soldiers
alike. Not once did the Secretary General ever condemn
the Islamic Fascists for their actions.
	It was not hard to get a special meeting of the U.N.
Human Rights Council for the purpose of condemning
Israel. The request to do that was spearheaded by the
Arab states and the Organization of the Islamic
Conference. But any attempt to get a strong voice to
condemn Hizbollah for firing rockets into Israel with
the purpose of maiming and killing men women and
children is squashed. It is not something happening
within the U.N. outside of Kofi Annanís control
either. He has been quite vocal on his own part.
	 Kofi Annan had no problem sending condolences to
Lebanese who suffered during the recent war, but not
once did he ever send condolences to Israeli
civilians, who not only have suffered from the rocket
attacks in the recent conflict, but have suffered for
years. Now why is that do you suppose? It does not
take much studying of this man to know he is
anti-Semitic. If you knew you were so well hated by
Annan and his ilk in the U.N. would you trust your
life to them? Israel is being asked to.

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