Minister of Education Report


 Halloween Hornswoggled


Over the years I have sought to teach the truth about Halloween as a Sunday School Director, itinerant preacher, deacon, pastor, and Minister of Education. In the course of this journey through the Christian experience I came to a point where I began editing, writing, and publishing material. My crusade against the satanic holiday continued unabated. This week, I sat down and tried to recount the number of people I knew that I had gotten to develop a Christian attitude toward this evil day. The number I could remember did not use up all my fingers.

          After 27 years of active ministry and work opposing the evil day called Halloween I must admit to some frustration:

People have told me that they did it when a child and do not want to see their own children cheated out of the experience. I did a lot of things as a child that were fun at the time that were not good, even ungodly. Why would anyone want their child to experience the pleasures of sin for the moment?

Others have said that they did not see that participating in Halloween ever hurt them. As long as there remains one area of compromise in your life, how do you know such an assessment is correct? Are you afraid of the dark; do you ever have bad or evil dreams; do you indulge in superstitious practices? I can name a host of other maladies that playing with the supernatural, even in fun can bring.

What fellowship is light supposed to have with darkness? The Bible says we are not supposed to allow a witch to live. Why do we want to dress a child as one? Why would any saved person want to be a ghost demon or Harry Potter for that matter? Something is wrong with this picture.

Why do Christians want to participate in a night when Satanists are making human sacrifices and worshipping the Devil? Are they hornswoggled by evil?

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