The Third Reason I Oppose Kerry

26 August 2004

            My third reason for opposing Kerry has to do with honesty and free speech. I have significant reasons to believe Mr. Kerry is lacking in the first and opposed to the second when it is exercised by anyone other than himself. And that troubles me now and bodes ill for a future world where he has even more power than he currently enjoys.

            The Kerry honesty issue has been up for continuing question since he was involved in the anti-war group of supposed veterans after he returned from Vietnam. There is documentation that some men who testified before Congress at Kerry’s arrangement were not what they claimed to be. Since Kerry brought them there one would think he would have known whom he was presenting. But even assuming he had not operated with the good sense expected of a leader in that instance we still are faced with a congressional record full of falsehoods. Plainly said Kerry was a documented liar even before his non existent Christmas spent in Cambodia became an issue. I cannot write that off as mental confusion because old as I am I have no problem remembering where I was at Christmas in 1968 or 1969 for that matter. With Mr. Kerry’s chain of falsehoods over the years put down to mental confusion, we would have to once again marvel at how well Ronald Reagan performed as he succumbed to Alzheimer’s.

            As a professional counselor I have seen a number of people with honesty problems over the years. One of the things I find in many of the ones most severely affected is, being dishonest themselves, they come to believe no one else is honest either. It has occurred to me that given Mr. Kerry’s condition and his associations we cannot believe anything he says now, but we can expect him to continue to show a contemptuous behavior toward others in the future. This dual quirk would be most dangerous for a man with the power of the Presidency behind him. And we have evidence to how disastrous this can be from what has taken place already. Should he become President Kerry, God help his opponents or any who disagree with him.

            Senator Kerry tries to be cunning even though he lacks the mental capacity or the extremity of psychological disorder to be really good at it. So he superficially conceals his activities quite often. An example would be the Tides Foundation, which has been funded through his wife to the tune of 4million dollars at my last count. Of course Kerry is on record saying that is his wife’s business, but that is like when he said he does not own an SUV, his family does. The Tides Foundation funds terrorist organizations including the Ruckus Society, a notorious group of anarchists who rioted and looted Seattle during the 1999 World Trade Organization riots. I have already seen much information to indicate they have been tasked to disrupt the Republican National Convention next week. Whether this will come off or be cancelled because the whistle has been blown on them remains to be seen.

            Clandestine links exist between Kerry and, People for the American Way, Campaign for America's Future, and dozens of other groups such as a web site called Kicking Ass. This is going on while at the same time he continues to call on President Bush to disavow groups that are operating independently and on relatively small budgets that oppose Kerry. In the course of responding to these groups he has used lawyers and a number of bullying tactics to try to shut them up. I shudder to think what he would do if he had the power of the Presidency and current law to freely wield against his critics including myself.

            I have saved my last point concerning this till now because people have overused, and improperly used history in the matter or the Third Reich. But is an important issue and one I am qualified to speak to because of my studies on the subject which include seven years using the wonderful library system in Germany. Just this morning I read a 1933 account about the Brown Shirts, the thugs who managed to get Adolf Hitler installed as Chancellor of Germany by bullying and intimidation. The main methods have changed a little; the ones Adolf used first are now secondary ones. But the deal is still intimidation and belittlement. I cannot support that happening in my country and it needs to be stopped now.


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