Schwarzenegger Disappoints Bush


            When Arnold Schwarzenegger ran for Governor of California some friends from that State and others asked me what I thought of it. I told them then that he was a liberal dressed in Republican clothing, which might be the only kind of Republican that can get elected in California at this time. Some people are still surprised that he will not campaign for Bush outside of California. I am surprised that he is going to campaign for him at all. The reasons he will not, apart from all excuses given, by his people are important for a Christian writer to point out.

            First of all, people who are interested in Arnold’s thinking should remember that he is a married in member of the Kennedy clan. I do not know if he calls Ted Kennedy “uncle Teddy” or anything like that, but it is open knowledge the sodden Senator is in the wings giving advice. There had to be more than just physical attraction that made it possible for him to enter the family.

            Next you might remember that Arnold comes from a weightlifter background. That means he knows a lot of people from that community who are sodomites. There are more than a few of them involved in that sport. This is why Arnold knows the difference between “girlie boys” and “girlie men.” So he is sympathetic to his liberal friends not only in Hollywood but also in weightlifting.

            Third, Arnold is neighbor to John Kerry in Sun Valley. They share interests in skiing, hockey, and ice-skating. They have things in common politically and plan to live and play together after this election is over. It is unlikely Kerry’s war record would be any kind of issue for him either. He plays soldiers in movies, which is different than having the experience of being one.

            Arnold is also unmoved by religious issues like abortion, stem cell research, and societal manipulation of people by the public school system. These are not issues that move him. Remember he comes from a county where the government was expected to do everything for the masses. His coming to the United States was for self –interest; he still has their basic indoctrination.

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