Abu Abbas Capture Gives Yasser Arafat Opportunity

to Once Again Reveal the Depravity of the PLO


By the time this report is being read probably no one will be unaware that Yasser Arafat has called for the release of terrorist/murderer Abu Abbas. The basis for this demand is the 1995 interim agreement made between Israel and the Palestinians and signed by then President Clinton. The fact that Arafat and his organization made this agreement null and void by launching the Intifada does not seem to enter into his thinking on the matter.

            U.S. citizen Leon Klinghoffer, pictured above with his wife Marilyn, became Abu Abbas most famous victim when he was most foully murdered aboard the cruise ship Achille Lauro in 1985. Not many people realize that Abbas had visions of more notable victims afterwards,  his name being linked to the plot to kill the first President Bush in 1993.   American law has always held that there is no statute of limitations on murder, neither have we been prone to forgive plots against the President of the United States. We have in times when ethics and morals had greater standing in the U.S.A. been known to invade countries for the sake of U.S. citizens. But the gallant interdiction of Achille Lauro hijackers was blemished when Abu Abbas was set free by Italy because he had an Iraqi diplomatic passport. Now they want him back! NO WAY!

            The terrorist history of Abu Abbas has been a long one. He became a major player in 1977 when the Palestinian Liberation Front was founded headed by himself under the name of Muhammed Zaidan. It is no wonder that Yasser Arafat likes him since they have similar histories of violence and death related to potential challengers to control. But Arafat has other reasons including the fact that he was the conduit of some 35 million dollars for suicide bombers from Saddam Hussein and the Lord only knows how much else.

            Not respecting CNN, in some old articles on the Internet, attempted to portray Abbas as a reformed terrorist turned peace activist, the evidence is different. Yasser Arafat claims Abbas as an officer of the PLO, but my documentation shows he resigned the Executive Committee in 1991, though still aiding homicide bomber terrorism. Technically Abbas should not have been covered by an agreement in 1995 even if it had not been made null and void. The fact that the PLO still rushes to embrace him shows some of the depths of their own evil.

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