Are Terrorists Busy in USA

Dr. Michael L. Ford

14 March 2007


            Prior to the rising oil prices and even hurricane Katrina we saw a series of fires and other problems take place at oil refineries. At the time I was suspicious. The frequency of events, suddenly taking place, could have been engineered by oil companies. After all, they wanted rate hikes and relaxation of restrictions keeping new refineries from being built. I do not dwell in the delusion big business is not capable of most anything to achieve its goals.

            Since then, we have seen a lot of seemingly inexplicable, and on the surface, unrelated events take place as an ongoing thing. A chemical plant has an explosion here and a tanker on a train has a fire there. One day an event takes place in one part of the country and the next it happens somewhere else. So many things are happening it finally reaches the point it takes great naivety to believe events are not related.

          I read things like “TerroristWarning.Com,” realizing they are actually covering a small part of the total threat event spectrum, and am amazed at all that is going on that never makes the evening news. Are you aware that there are Islamic influences gaining strength just South of the border? Do you know that contrary to the picture our government paints a lot of people coming over the border are not coming for jobs but because they want to do mischief in the United States? Not only that, the Moslem mosques and other groups inside America, are working on indoctrinating terrorists. But we are not being told that by either our government or by the traditional media. Now they are trying to silence the people who are telling the facts over the Internet.

          I suspect there is something else we are not being told. Our Homeland Security is not being as successful stopping terrorism in this country as they pretend. What they are being successful at is controlling the way calamities happening in this country are being presented to the public. The politicians are busily circumventing the American Constitution to put together an Economic Union of the Americas beginning with Mexico and Canada. That is more important to them than stopping terrorism and protecting the USA. That is why daily attacks across the USA must be downplayed.

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