Gasoline Price Manipulation
Dr. Michael L. Ford
30 August 2006

	Charges of price gouging since Katrina until this
present time should come as no surprise to anyone.
Common sense tells you the price of a barrel of oil
being pumped out of the ground in Saudi Arabia today
does not immediately transfer itself to an increase at
the pumps tomorrow. The oil tankers are miniature
Noah’s Ark proportioned vehicles and the oil takes
awhile to get to our shores. Because the service
station supplier is showing an immediate price raise
means someone, maybe not the retailer, is reaping
windfall profits off cheaper bought oil. But if you
say that the propagandists act like you are stupid.
Well, duh!
	The fact Federal investigators are probing whether or
not British Petroleum manipulated crude oil and
gasoline prices or not might come as a shock to those
critical of the Bush administration. They believe the
President, as an oilman, is on the side of big oil
companies and will not get involved in serious
oversight of their activities. Well, the investigation
originates in the Justice Department and it is looking
into activities from two to four years ago offering no
relief to our current situation. What other companies
are targeted besides BP is unknown to me, but there
has to be a conspiracy of producers to effectively
control oil prices. If they are not competing with
each other, but cooperating, they can control prices.
	Increased prices for other things we use and consume
has been blamed on fuel costs. When you go into the
local grocery store you may well have noticed items
you used to pay ninety-nine cents for suddenly jumped
to a dollar twenty-nine or thirty-nine. Using some
logic would tell you fuel costs for shipping alone
would not account for such price increase on
individual items we see. And immediate increases in
store prices are not going to happen because farmers
have increased fuel costs. The production of products
that have not yet even been harvested have not been
passed on. Nobody is investigating gouging in store
prices yet.
	Let me suggest something. During The Tribulation the
cost of a loaf of bread will be the daily wage of the
average person. The price does not need to go there
overnight but could occur in steps.

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