Fuel Price Decline – My Conspiracy Theory
Dr. Michael L. Ford
11 September 2006

	Recently a friend called and said I should write a
follow up assessment to an earlier article I had
written on increasing prices. He felt the fall of gas
prices should be tied to the upcoming election. I do
not think he is wrong, but he is not entirely right.
And, my original piece dealt with overall price
increases, none of which will return to previous
levels, even though fuel prices have dropped.
	One reason for fuel price rollbacks has been a new
discovery of oil in the Gulf of Mexico. Not because
the find has immediately impacted current or future
supplies. But the principle of immediate response used
to raise prices had to be applied in reverse to some
degree lest the real deal be exposed. You see, the
discovery is so massive the amount of oil America
knows it has became half again as much as it was
before. It could not be ignored even though not a drop
will come out of it for 7 years.
	Another reason for taking the price back down was
layoffs jumped 76% in August. The demographic tidal
wave forecasted of 77 million baby boomers retiring
began before financial manipulators were quite ready.
And people already retired and disabled shut down all
but the most necessary travel to a degree beyond what
had been expected. Oil companies do not mind making
huger profits out of refining less fuel, but there is
a swing point of production versus pricing that was
very closely approached. A con can only be carried so
far before the victim catches on.
	Then there was the slump in major purchases that tie
up people’s incomes and financially enslave them. The
housing market has been slumping along with the auto
industry. People were beginning to stop making
purchases ahead of schedule. The ability to feel free
to overextend oneself must not be lost ahead of
schedule. Otherwise, debt starts to be paid off and
financial enslavement averted or diminished. You might
gather I believe there are malevolent forces at work
not part of overt economics. You would be right. You
see, I believe two things: One, we are at the end of
the age. Two, Bible prophecy is true. And, it all fits

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