Al Gore’s Nobel Prize

Dr. Michael L. Ford

2 February 2006


            You remember Al Gore, the presidential candidate who invented the Internet. Unlike Cindy Sheehan, he knows who nominated him. It was Boerge Brende and Heidi Soerensen, but you may not know who they are. Boerge Brende is a Norwegian politician and U.N. fellow traveler, a member of its Division for Sustainable Development. Heidi Sørensen, a Norwegian politician, (Socialist Left) who failed to get re-elected in 2005, but as Kristin Halvorsen was appointed to a Government position. In her youth Sørensen was an active environmentalist, and was leader of Natur og Ungdom, 1993 - 1994, and became leader of Friends of the Earth Norway 1995 - 1998. Al is still running in fine company. I say that tongue in cheek.

            Gore was nominated for the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts in global warming. I do not know if this means he has given up on his hopes of an Oscar for a politically correct but factually incorrect and otherwise bad movie or not. Should he not win he will fit well into the company of people like Dr. Paul Ehrlich, who would not stick to his field, the study of butterflies. Instead he claimed, after 1990, that global warming will turn the earth into a giant puddle but from 1970 to 1990 he was saying global cooling would turn the earth into a giant ice cube.

            While Greenpeace and other alarmists show us pictures of rapidly retreating glaciers I hear from people in Alaska they are having record snowfalls. In the light of all the information I have on Al Gore and his kin in the world calamity community, I wonder if in his next incarnation as environmental activist whether or not he will embrace the teachings of Nobel Prize laureate Paul Crutzen who wanted to pollute the atmosphere of the world with sulphur to cancel out the “greenhouse effect.”

            I wonder if Al, reeling from the fact he and Tipper were not wholeheartedly embraced by conservative Christians after his time as CofC (crony of Clinton) thought he might find greater acceptance by lurching left? If so he has embraced the very people who, if listened to, could bring on human disaster with their calls for population control, which of course does not include them. 

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