Closet Anti-Semitism Exposed

Dr. Michael L. Ford

4 June 2008


            I watched with interest the Obama address to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee Annual Conference this morning. You have to be extremely objective when you listen to him, as with other gifted orators who make a point of working emotions instead of appealing to logic. In retrospect I have to admit I wish I had kept notes, but that is difficult to do when you have to focus so intently on analyzing words instead of following the simple flow of the message.

            Many people in the audience were thrilled when he said Jerusalem should remain an undivided part of the Jewish State. They will vote for him on the basis of that statement and push the implications of some of his other words out of their mind because Jerusalem is an emotional issue for Jews and Christians. Besides that, older Jews have not forgotten how bad it was when the Moslems had control of the Holy City. Moshe Dayan and the other liberators of the city in 1967 made a serious mistake not turning the construction on top of Temple Mount into rubble at that time, allowing the Arabs to keep control. But you cannot cry over spilt milk, so the short-term hope is to have an American President who supports Israel keeping Jerusalem.

            Now let us get to the real problem that most people sitting there this morning overlooked. Obama made it plain he supported a two state solution, just as has both President Bush’s and Bubba Clinton. Now if you are legitimately pro-Israel and support this idea, some things about you have to exist:

1. First you have to be historically ignorant. The Kingdom of Jordan was established among other reasons to provide a homeland for people living in Palestine who did not want to live in a Jewish State. The Jews did not steal land from the Palestinians. A great many of them were nomadic and did not own land. Land ownership resided in Jews before there ever was a Jewish State. Not only had some Jews always been in the Holy Land, there had been a real effort going on by Jews to acquire property in what is now Israel since 1896. (ninety-two years before the founding of the Jewish State) Only the people who abandoned their property when the Arab League sought to overrun Israel lost it.

2. Secondly, you have to be practically ignorant. There are many Palestinian Moslems who are citizens of Israel. They were included in the Israeli declaration of statehood and have a better voice in the Knesset by far than do Christians.

3. Thirdly, you have to be tactically ignorant. By dividing the land of Israel you make it virtually impossible to defend the nation, unless that is really what you want to accomplish. What the last few American Presidents have tried to impose on Israel puts them in a worse condition tactically than they were when the nation was founded and the original boundaries set. Americans are kept ignorant of the fact rockets daily rain down upon this land and no one living there is truly safe even as things now exist.

4. And fourthly, you have to be politically naïve if you think establishing another Palestinian state will stop the bloodshed and terrorism being perpetrated upon the Jews. Yes, upon the Jews. When the Jews respond to the pain these mass murderers inflict on them, the media makes it look like here are these wicked Jews picking on the poor Palestinians when the real fact is nothing has happened to them they have not inflicted upon themselves.

            Now what if you are not any of these things and still pursuing a two-state solution? Why then you are anti-Israel and therefore anti-Semitic. Obama made it clear he rejected the holocaust deniers and declared his understanding of the Jewish past. He also made it clear that support for Israel was a reasonable Christian position. Yet he still supports a two state solution. The Bush’s and Clinton do these things because the have a New World Order agenda. But Obama has a liberal family background, upbringing, and associations. He has just resigned from a church where anti-Semitic attitudes were taught, without refuting it, a matter other writers have not focused on. If I am to credit B.H. Obama with the knowledge he claims to possess my only remaining conclusion is he is really anti-Semitic making nice to try to get Jewish votes. In some states like New York the Jewish vote is a significant number. Also, support for Israel is an important issue among Conservative Christian voters. I think the man is saying what he thinks he needs to say to get elected and he will turn on Israel at first opportunity.

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