NEA Endorses Kerry for President


One of the best reasons not to vote for John Kerry as president has just been given to me. John Kerry has been endorsed as their presidential candidate by the National Education Association. It is so common a truth it should be considered an axiom that anything the NEA is for cannot possibly be good for the country. The policies they have single handedly forced into the public school arena has done more to destroy American education and society in general than the actions of any other single organization in the country.

The endorsement of Kerry came when they were reportedly putting the final touches on the current program to drive up school spending and do the biggest tinkering project with education law in decades. It seems likely the two should go hand in hand. Endorse the man educated in private schools and ensure we have future generations of illiterates to be dependent on government largess at the same time. Create people incapable of functioning in a modern technical society, while giving them someone who will take away the freedoms the ignorant do not appreciate anyway.

The NEA is composed mainly of teachers, 2,7 million people, many of whom feel they have no choice in their membership, because it is a condition of their employment. The organization has an agenda. Making testing of students of no value so it does not reflect the failure of their policies and stopping things like private-school vouchers so they can eliminate competition for the hearts and minds of America’s youth. The NEA union will spend the dues of its captive membership for Kerry whether the individual teacher likes it or not. They will target the 15 swing states, going into the schools who do not have a prayer to organize a massive campaign..

Of course Kerry is making promises to the NEA. If he kept the promises he has made to everyone, the U.S.A. should be bankrupt in about a week of the total program being initiated. Rod Paige, the Bush education secretary called the NEA a terrorist organization. When you look at what they do, I think he was right. They do not use bombs, but educationally they bombed long ago.

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