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PLO Persecutes Christians


            How many of you have considered the possibility that the visit of Arafat's wife to Bethlehem, and the visit Arafat was prohibited from making to Bethlehem again this year were planned to harass Christians and interfere with their worship?

            Have you missed it, or did you hear that the Bethlehem region has become a sanctuary for terrorists? Let me give you some facts that has not made American news media attention. Did you know that the Christian population under the Palestinian Authority once represented 20% of the region, but is now down to 2.4%? In 1948, Bethlehem was once 80% Christian, and now it is 80% Muslim. What has made the change? Every Christian that could leave has left.

            Most of the Christians that have fled the area have gone into Israel. They prefer life in Israel to life under Yasser Arafat and his friends in the Islamic Jihad and Hamas. In fact, for Christians  life just about anywhere is preferable to life under the PLO. Before Christmas you might have heard that there might not be any Christmas in Bethlehem this year, and you no doubt heard that the participation in Bethlehem was one of the smallest ever. The images of Israeli soldiers patrolling in Bethlehem was not the reason this was so. These Jews were the reason there was any peace for Christians in that region at all.

            We have to ask ourselves why not only the International media, but also the American media covers up the massive population movement and ethnic cleansing that has taken place under the Palestinian Authority? When they have made any kinds of reports they have usually blamed Israel for things that are not their fault. Some 2 million Christians have fled the Middle East in the past 20 years with the Christian population dropping from 15% to 2% since Arafat took over the Palestinian territories. Christians have been murdered, beaten, and raped in systematic persecution under Arafat. Why is this not being reported in a great outcry by American media? Maybe they are anti-Christian too!

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