Why Beslan?

            The massacre of innocents caught the attention of the world as no other singular event since 9-11 had managed to do. Some have asked the question “Why Beslan?” coming up with very different reasons for this occurring than I have concluded. Some thought that the Chechen terrorists supplemented by foreign Muslim mercenaries attacked outside their own region because of the erosion of popular support within Chechnya. Even if they were right that would not answer the question about why this particular target was picked out.

            After reading dozens of articles on the subject I came to a conclusion about why Beslan became a target. I think my conclusion will startle many because it is easy to ignore what is going on in the world since the media, which is supposed to inform us, ignores facts. My conclusion about why Beslan was targeted was because it was becoming a center of Christian activity. Most writers acknowledged that the majority of the town was Orthodox in its beliefs, but there is more to the story.

            For instance there is the Totiev brothers who lost between them six children. It just happens that they are Baptist leaders in the city of Beslan. At least fifty of the children who were held hostage were at Christian summer camps that the Totiev brothers worked with. They were not the only Baptists to suffer loss during the massacre at Beslan. One lady Irina Koieva was held hostage with her children. She escaped with one but her 9 year old was killed in front of her. I believe that Beslan was targeted because of the Christian activity that is taking place in that town.

            Not all Muslims are terrorists but almost all terrorists worldwide are Muslims. And they have made it a regular part of their operations to set up among the women and children of their own people. At the same time they have waged war against others’ wives and children all over the world while the media ignored the facts. The Muslim terrorists depend on people they fight being more restrained and ethical regarding life than they are themselves. This is not the first time Christianity has been the specific target. The facts speak for themselves.

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