They Just Don’t Get It!

15 March 2005


            In February of this year, the Governor of Michigan “broke weak” saying she would not support the display of the Ten Commandments in the Capitol Rotunda because it would be unconstitutional. That was an assumption on her part that would not be based in fact no matter how many wicked federal judges were to pronounce it so. And so far, the Supreme Court has not pronounced on the matter.

            Four days after she gave in to the ACLU pressure the group began a two day poll that revealed 81% of Americans actually support displaying the Ten Commandments on public property. People like Gov. Granholm like to posture saying things like the Ten Commandments promote “a universal desire for people to behave with dignity and honor God.” She, like others, give lip service to what is right while at the same time supporting those who hate God, truth, and the United States of America.

            “If the Supreme Court rules that displaying the Ten Commandments is unconstitutional, it will be going against hundreds of years of American history as well as the majority of the American people,” said Steve Elliott president of The politicians just do not get it, and the evil judges think they are above it all. But, the will of the people shown during the last presidential election is only the beginning of what must occur if America is to be saved.

            It is not enough to say that if they do not get it we can vote them out. No, we must act to take away the lifetime pensions the politicians have voted themselves, and we must also act to take away the lifetime appointments these godless judges who think they rule believe they have. That is something that can be done.

            People like Gov. Granholm have their spokesperson say things like “the governor is a faithful person and believes strongly in the values embodied by the Ten Commandments.” Well governor, you are guilty of breaking the first commandment, “Thou shalt have none other gods before me.” How so? You bowed to the evil and set aside God’s commandments. What you submit yourself to serve, its servant you are. You might have read something like that in the Bible.

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