The World’s Worst Dictators February 2008


Parade Magazines’ annual list of the world’s worst were chosen and ranked based on their human rights abuses, the level of suffering their regime has caused, and the level of absolute power was written by David Wallechinsky. It is here presented in a more abbreviated form. For more information on the subject you can visit on the Internet. While we might agree with the presence of the various persons on the list, we do not necessarily agree with the total rankings based on their long-term goals and potential to affect the whole world. Ed.


1. Kim Jong-Il, age 66 – North Korea’s dictator since 1994

He was ranked number 2 on the list last year.

He heads the most isolated and repressive regime in the world.

His system includes the collective punishment of entire families, up to three generations, for any suspected infraction.

Roughly 200,000 citizens are in labor camps and those who attempt to flee tortured and jailed.


2. Omar Al-Bashir, age 64 – Sudan’s dictator since 1989

He was ranked number 1 on the list last year.

Editor’s note – Under Bashir’s rule untold numbers of Christians have been either murdered or sold into slavery. Repression of Christian materials has been ongoing.

The U.S. government has harshly criticized abuses in Sudan and issued trade sanctions in 1997 exempting gum-arabic, with the result more than 4000 tons of the substance is still imported into U.S.A. annually.


3. Thwan Shwe, age 75 – Burma (Myanmar) dictator since 1992

He was ranked number 6 on the list last year.

Last year in August and September Buddhist monks led pr-democracy protests. He ordered troops to fire on the crowds killing many. Thousands more were detained.

Editor’s note – Christians in Burma are under constant persecution, often tortured and murdered mainly by Moslem elements who are allowed to operate virtually unchecked.

Burma has its own symbol of democracy in Nobel Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi, who is under constant house arrest.


4. King Abdullah, age 84 – Saudi Arabia king/dictator since 1995

He was ranked number 5 last year.

Saudi Arabia adheres to a punitive justice system in which younfg teems can be sentenced to death and defendants tortured. Women are more repressed than in any other country – they can’t even seek medical care without a male guardian’s permission.

Editor’s note – The Saud family has embraced Wahabiism for generations. Christianity is completely banned even among guests in the country. They are working to support extremists outside of their land and seeking to infiltrate the U.S. through the educational system primarily but not exclusively.


5. Hu Jintao, age 65 – China dictator since 2002

Last year’s ranking was 4.

“Last year, Hu came down harder on human-rights activists and increased censorship. Hu’s government also forces abortion, controls all media, and harshly limits the practice of religion. There’s little criminal justice to be found in China – 99% of all trials result in a guilty verdict.

Editor’s note – The amount of American trade with China is alarming especially when you consider the amount of scandals connected with imports and the fact there exists a document for conquest titled “Absolute Warfare” which makes it very questionable whether these incidences of dangerous items ranging from dishes to toys fit within that doctrine. The U.S. debt with China is increasing at the rate of 1 billion dollars per day.


6. Robert Mugabee, age 80 – Zimbabwe dictator since 1980

Last year he was ranked number 7.

Zimbabwe’s economy continued to decline greatly last year with inflation increasing by 8000%. Only about 20% of the population have a job, and a quarter of the country’s population has fled. Though the U.S. has condemned Mugabee’s abuses, the imports from Zimbabwe needed to make stainless steel have increased.


7. Sayyud Ali Khamenei – age 68, Ayatollah Iran since 1989

Last year he ranked number 3.

The Ayatollah and his council have increased repressive measures. Last year officials carried out public hangings, stoned a man to death for adultery, shut down music studios and cafes, and persecuted dissidents.


8. Pervez Musharraf, age 64, in charge of Pakistan since 1999

Last he was ranked number 15.

Last year he suspended Pakistan’s constitution, shut down the courts, arrested dissidents and passed a law removing challenges to his continuation as president. The assassination of Benazir Bhutto has been linked by some to his government.

Editor’s note – Pakistan has a history of persecuting and murdering Christians, something his government either turns a blind eye to or at worst promotes through non interference.


9. Islam Karimov, age 70 – in charge of Uzbekistan since 1989

Last year he was ranked number 8.

In spite of the two term constitutional limit he was elected to a third term in December. Torture is routine and dissenters are subjected to forced psychiatric treatment.


10. Isayas Afewerki, age 64 – dictator of Eritrea since 1991

Last year he was ranked 13.

“Afewerki’s ban on privately owned media makes Eritrea one of the world’s worst abusers of press freedom. During his rule Afewerki has never allowed national elections or the implementation of a constitution.”


Abridged by Jonsquill Ministries for the general edification of churches and individual Christians. The original article contained more information that those wishing to pursue a more thorough knowledge should consult it.


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