The Second Reason I Oppose Kerry


            When I joined the U.S. military Lyndon Johnson was President and when I left active service Ronald Reagan was in office. During those years there was a tremendous struggle on the part of professional military people to hold together aging and less than appropriate equipment. There were also problems dealing with low morale and poor discipline in the ranks, part of which was caused by the military being used for social experimentation and some because soldiers were often treated as black sheep in the American family.

When Ronald Reagan became President we had allies who were using equipment produced by American companies that was better than what was available to the American fighting man. Such things as our armored personnel carriers and jeeps were often older than the men operating them. In fact some had their last overhaul before the men who were operating them were born.

The voting record of John Kerry related to the most important function of the federal government, providing for the common defense is my number two reason for opposing him for President. I do not want to see the U.S. military going back to those days. I fear that the nation could not survive that folly once more. Some things Kerry has done dangerous to the security of the United States include:

Voting against death penalty for terrorists.

Favoring UN control of U.S. Troops.

Voting for 7 major reductions in military funding.

Voting against Gulf War I (1991).

Voting for Gulf War II -- but then criticizing and voted against. military appropriation for troops. He tried to make inadequate body armor a political issue and he was part of the problem

Voting against MX missile, Trident Submarine, SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative -- Star Wars), and the B-1 and B-2 Stealth Bomber/Fighter

Supporting slashing $2.6 billion from intelligence funding while serving as a member of Senate Intelligence Committee.

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