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Marriage Amendment Fails

The Battle is not over


            The bad news is that the marriage amendment has failed in the Senate for the time being. The good news is that the turn out on the right side of the issue, 48 votes, on 14 July, was larger than the 33 counted just six weeks back. The change can be credited to the fact some Christians have been making their feelings known in Washington. A Capitol Staffer remarked to Dr. Gary Cass as he walked the halls “It seems like the whole nation is with you.” What kept some Senators from voting on the right side, one source told me, was that they had been threatened with the exposure of their own indiscretions if they did. But the liberals would tell you that what a man does in his private life does not matter.

            Since some judges have made it clear they are willing to run over any State law defining marriage, John Thune said in a radio commercial. A movement is underway to strip federal courts of power to order States to recognize same sex unions sanctioned outside their borders. Rep. Lamar Smith of Texas said that “When federal    judges step out of line, Congress has the responsibility to drop the red flag.” The court stripping measure cleared the House Judiciary Committee in a 21-13 vote that broke nearly along party lines. Maxine Waters, well remembered for her encouragement of California riots objected strenuously.

            In the Senate vote on Tuesday, two Senators were conspicuous by their failure to vote. These were John Kerry and John Edwards who hope to gain the pervert vote in the presidential election. Tony Perkins, of the Family Research Council, said after the vote “We know now which Senators are for traditional marriage and which ones are not, and by November so will voters in every State.”

            The fight is far from over. What can defeat the Christian stand is apathy. We just have to not quit to succeed.

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