Dr. Michael L. Ford
	When the word came out that finally Zacarias
Moussaoui had begun serving his six life sentences,
having arrived at a Federal prison in Colorado, most
people breathed a sigh and said “Well, we wont have to
hear about him anymore.” I think that is highly
unlikely since after would be terrorist Moussaoui was
sentenced he wanted to come back with a new plea and
start the process all over. Not only that, French
authorities said they were considering whether to
request the United States turn him over to them to
have his sentence served in their country. Seems to me
the likelihood of idiots stirring this pot some more
is pretty great.
	You would think that after the recent riots in France
that country would have had quite enough of the antics
of Moroccan extracts who have blighted the face of
France. But I am convinced that there must be
something in the French water that causes brain damage
so they cannot think clearly. Another reason for nor
buying the water they export to America. But since so
many Frenchmen drink only wine, just to be on the safe
side it might not be a good idea to buy that either.
Moussaoui's mother, Aicha El Wafi accused the French
government of not fighting for her son, but had he
been free their policemen might have had to be
fighting him along with the other terrorists in their
country during the recent riots.
	The French seem to think that America does not have
rules for the keeping prisoners unlike in their
“superior” system, which once included “Devil’s
Island.” In Moussaoui’s case I would have made some
special rules regarding his sentence had it been left
up to me to pass judgment. I would have made Moussaoui
the Philip Nolan of the twenty-first century. In the
story of Philip Nolan, because he wished never to hear
of the United States again he was sentenced to never
be able to read, hear, or see anything pertaining to
our country. Since Moussaoui feels such hatred for us
I think that should have been part of his sentence.
Not only that, lest he draw some comfort from future
terrorist acts, he should have been isolated from all
reports concerning such things for the rest of his
life. It should be simple enough to isolate him
sufficiently to be able to accomplish that at the
maximum-security federal prison. It would be the right
thing to do.

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