Seenath No More

These were the sad words with which I learned of the death of this sweet child. She may have expired because of her illness, but her passing was the fault of certain Muslims none the less. I have been following her story for some time and this  is what I know of it.

            A lady by the name of Tahira and her husband became Christians in India. After that her husband was beaten by Muslims on a number of occasions trying to force him to turn his back on faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. The last time he was beaten it was so severe that he died.

            After Tahira’s husband was murdered the Islamics still did not repent of their evil. They began to try to force Tahira to take a Muslim husband. In this way they thought to force her and her children to return to Islam. On one occasion Tahira was beaten so badly she had to be hospitalized. Still these Muslims were relentless.

            A couple of months ago I was informed that Tahira and her daughter Seenath had been abducted. For some time we had no idea where the two were. Then we got news from Tahira. It seems that about three weeks before Seenath had died from lack of proper medical treatment for a pre-existing condition. The pastor gave us the simple message “Seenath no more!”

            They had been kept locked in a room. Right now it is unclear whether the tsunami that recently devastated vast regions was responsible for setting Tahira free or not. I only know that because of the tsunami she was released. That is one good thing that came out of the recent devastations. The Gospel is also going into places where it has been prohibited for some time. But little Seenath is no more upon this world, but her sufferings are over and she is safe in the arms of Jesus.

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