Fuel Prices
Dr. Michael Ford
18 August 2005

	No doubt you have heard some of the justifications
for the high fuel prices we have experienced in recent
months. The propagandists have said we have high fuel
prices because our refinery capacity has not been
increased since the 1970ís. Has anyone tried to buy
gas and could not because filling station tanks were
	They have also said that we have high gas prices
because OPEC has raised the price per barrel of oil.
What they donít tell you about are all the capped
wells owned by oil companies in the United States
where no oil is allowed to come out of the ground.
That much Alaskan oil is sold overseas and China is a
major recipient of Saudi and Iraqi oil is not revealed
very often either.
	Finally, you get messages about how the British are
paying $5.56 per gallon, Germans pay $5.29, and in
Hong Kong it is $5.62. Well folks in Venezuela, a
country which like the United States also has a ready
supply of oil, gas costs fourteen cents per gallon.
What is the difference? Maybe it is because our
Congressmen are heavily invested in oil companies in
one form or another. We might ask what happened to
windfall profits legislation? Prices started up right
after it expired.
	What is going to happen with the heating bill this
coming winter? I imagine that we are going to find
many people are going to keep their homes only
slightly above freezing because that is going to be
the best they can do. Are prices going back down? Not
likely! The powers that be are going to see how much
they can gouge out of Americans, and it does not
matter which political party is in control.
	Alright, so why is this topic on the back page of
your bulletin? Because rising prices, beginning with
oil prices are a sign of the times. The Bible speaks
of a time to come when a dayís work for the average
person will buy a loaf of bread. People who lived
through the depression or post World War I Europe knew
that was not a farfetched idea. The signs of the march
toward the end is signaled by economic troubles. Jesus
is coming one day, and 

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