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Jewish Linquists Need Not Apply


            The folly that we sow has a tendency to yield its fruit.. Most who read this will already know that a commission has been appointed to investigate shortfalls in American Intelligence work. But how many will realize that problems in having a good handle on what the bad guys are doing might be the result of CIA and FBI antisemitism? I reported to the people that read my Daily Digest back in October 2003 that the FBI turned down more than ninety Jewish applicants for Arab linguist jobs in New York. Some of these people had been translators for Israeli organizations before coming to America, so the people they turned down were not only capable but some were even experienced.

            The record of performance for people that the various agencies have hired has to say the least been troubled. The FBI and the Army have both had loyalty problems with its Muslim employees. You would think this would make them want to get some  better people who can handle Arabic and its multitude of dialects effectively. But they have continued on their course of folly, even hiring people to work for them under investigation by another division of their own agency. They had them monitoring the very people they were suspected of being in cahoots with.

            Current Moslem translaters trusted with important documents have covered up material important to investigations, by labeling important intelligence as not important enought to be translated. Arab Jews hired as translaters are more likely to be loyal to the United States if for no other reason, than they have experienced or known people who have endured persecution from Islamics and sometimes even terrorist attacks.

            The biblical fact is that God uses the Jews to bless the rest of human kind, and it is demonstrable He has certainly used the Jews to bless America. Given a choice based on only the infor-mation that a man is a follower of the God of the Bible or that he is a follower of Allah, I would opt for the Jew every time. It is my hope that an investigation will remove the prejudice.

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