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Which Political Party is for the Working Man?


            One of the big lies is that Democrats are more compassionate and concerned for the needs of the average working man than are the Republicans, who are supposed to be more for big business. The guilt for movements which are exporting jobs, average people fill, must fall on both. But you would never know that to listen to Democrat presidential candidates talk. One of the points of attack has been that too many jobs are going overseas.

            Meanwhile, the last Democrat to be President is having a Scottish firm build nearly $1 million worth of cabinets for his presidential library. The foundation building the library said limited choices forced them to look overseas. Skip Rutherford told AP that they had "worked hard to make sure that Arkansans and then Americans received work." Perhaps they are out of touch with America. I know so many top people located within a 25 mile radius of my house I could hire separate businesses to build each part of new cabinetry for my home without ever using the same people twice. Maybe Rutherford and his people should watch more of HGTV and similar networks so they could discover American craftsmen.

            Perhaps giving $1 million of $160 million marked for the Bill Clinton Presidential library is not significant to these people. But if it were a Republican project they would be raising sand. It is after all the Democrats who have promised to combat President Bush's free-trade policies. (But wait a minute, President Bush did not set these "free-trade" policies in motion did he?) Rutherford may not think a subcotract on a major museum project is setting international trade policy as he says, but if Democratic candidates want to criticize Republicans they cannot afford to ignore the Clinton project. The Bible has some things to say about hypocrisy.

            Kerry in the midst of his criticisms has at the same time defended his vote for the North American Free Trade Agreement, which has contributed to increasing unemployment and reducing the average incomes of people who live in this area of Georgia. I think hiring the Scottish firm was an ego thing, after all, they had worked for the Smithsonian Institution.

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