Cindy Sheehan Replacement

Dr. Michael l. Ford

27 December 2006


Remember Cindy Sheehan? She is the nutcase who could kiss Hugo Chavez but could not find time to put a tombstone on the grave of the son whose death in Iraq was the platform that launched her into prominence. Apparently she has finally managed to embarrass her liberal fellow travelers (It took a lot of work to embarrass that crowd) and they are according to some sources developing her replacement.

The problem is the new candidate, Rosemarie Jackowski, is probably a bigger kook than Cindy S. Ms. Jackowski, has been labeled a “new folk hero for the anti-war movement.” This 69-year-old woman is probably no more than a person who fell into early senility and has continues to decline since. Her qualification for the office of peace activist hero is such things as being arrested for disrupting traffic in 2003 and appealing her conviction ever since. She is hardly a regular old lady.

You know she cannot be all there when you find people already protesting that she is not a “loony toon.” My view is that anyone involved with the peaceniks of America are either crazy or treasonous. Perhaps she is both when you consider that she is an ardent supporter of Ward Churchill, the anti-American professor some people actually trust their children to in a college environment.

An example of just how loose her attachment to reality has become is she thinks the United States owes reparations to Iran for the 1953 coup and that America should turn all its nuclear weapons over to Iran to make the world safer because the U.S.A. is the only country that has ever used nuclear weapons. Yep she will fit right in with the “peace at any price” crowd.

With the Democrats in charge and Rosemarie Jackowski running loose 2007 promises to be a very interesting year if not a happy one. When I look at the things happening in the world I sigh and say, “Surely Lord Jesus come quickly! The nuts are running the madhouse!”

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