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Global Warming Causes an Ice Age


            It was on the 14th of January that I learned the man who would like to be the first New Age president, Al Gore, was planning to make a speech on global warming. The speech that would be made in New York was forcasted to be on the coldest day in New England in the last half century. But that was not going to deter any FOB (friend of Bill). You see what happens when the facts contradict the reality, you simply come up with a theory that proposes a whole new set of "facts."

            The "chief scientist" of the environmental fringe, Al Gore, cannot accept we are in a global cooling period because it is in conflict with the current theory that humans are ruining the planet by continuing to live and worse yet procreate. You see the global cooling theory existed in the 1970's and the global warming theory began to come into existence as that was debunked in the 1980's. If I understand the theory, it seems to go something like this. Excrement from woolly mammoths created methane which brought on an ice age, and the wastes of six billion people in an industrial age creates methane which is bringing on global warming. That makes perfect sense doesn't it?

            Science always involves assumptions and scientific conclusions are only valid if assumptions hold up. We express that in a complex series of procedures when we describe how an idea becomes a hypothesis, a hypothesis a theory, and a theory a law. Most of the things embraced by the dedicated left do not meet the requirements for a good hypothesis, but that will never keep them from stating those things as facts.

            My standpoint of looking at the matter is this. Since God told us to be fruitful and multiply, while at the same time setting boundaries on how much of our imaginations we could accomplish, I do not think we are in any danger from  a failure of the world's maintenance cycles. He described them in the Bible before we had learned enough about the matter to know what He was talking about. The biggest danger is people with an agenda who hate the God that made it all.

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