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Homosexual Weddings


            One of the latest moves in the continued destruction of America through the perversion of its moral fabric is the flurry of homosexual weddings taking place. In San Francisco the mayor has defied the law and issued marriage licenses to people of the same sex. In Massachusetts, the State Supreme Court, trying to govern from the bench, has ordered the Legislature of that State to pass a law making homosexual marriage legal. I could go on with the folly happening around the country, but space is limited.

            The above picture of a real sign illustrates the truth about the mental condition of anyone who would be in a homosexual marriage, but it also serves to illustrate the irrational minds of those who have defied laws on the books prohibiting homosexual marriage. It seems that people have gotten to be judges, mayors, and governors who have no regard for morality or the system of government that made America unique in the world.

            The American Family Association had a warning headline in its publication recently. It read "Anarchy Is Breaking Loose Across America." I fear that headline is close to true. But unlike what has happened in other countries the anarchy is not coming from masses of people seeking to overthrow the government but from people within the government who are undoubtedly deranged and certainly morally perverted themselves that they would endorse sin.

            In a Daily Thought on the subject of homosexuality that I recently published, I asked the question about whose interests were served by promoting this type of perversion? I answered the question in case there was someone who did not get the point. It is Satan and his agenda that prospers when such evil abounds. He was mentally unstable enough to think he could defeat God and the people buying into this program follow in his logic. Therefore I have to again point at the picture above a friend sent me and declare that it demonstrates the fact people who are for homosexual anything have something wrong with their minds.

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