Radio Broadcast 20 November 2005

Good afternoon. Brother C.W. Boling is not hosting the
program today. 
He has not been able to be involved in the development
of this week’s program due to the requirements of
other areas of ministry and constraints upon his time.
For instance he is finalizing a term paper for one of
his seminary courses, and as anyone who has done
college work can testify, term papers are often not a
light matter.

Today we will be talking about some of the things that
have been happening in our world and looking at them
from a Christian perspective. You might hear about
some events that have been taking place that you have
not heard about. 
One question you might ought to ask yourself when I
mention news events that you have not heard about is
why you have not heard these things over the various
news reporting agencies?

I have heard reports over the past week that the news
services have been cutting back on funding for their
operations and letting people go. Maybe this is why so
much of the time you hear the talking heads now
discussing the news instead of reporting it? They do
not have the people and resources needed to gather
legitimate news and instead they give you non-ending
hours of the Michael Jackson pedophile show when there
is nothing to report; while the Robert Blake jury was
about to render a verdict they kept telling you it was
about to happen; or they are still trying to discuss
the rebuilding of New Orleans but not telling you
anything about the scandals.

There is nothing more important to maintaining a free
society than a free and unfettered media. But our
media is not doing its job. They are not collecting
and reporting the news. What they are doing is
editorializing much of the time and calling it news.
While a free media is essential to the survival of
Democracy, there is no greater threat to such a
society than a media that has been corrupted and lies.
And friends we have a corrupt lazy and lying media.  
For several decades, we have been saddled with a left
wing corrupted and dominated media and the results are
all too obvious!
When the MSNBC network came into existence I welcomed
it as a seemingly conservative relief from the major
networks news and CNN. But it was not long till MSNBC
seemed to be trying to compete with the others to see
who could be the most liberal and news distorting of
them all.
Fox news came along with a promise to be “fair and
balanced.” But they began hiring some of the people
from the former networks and they have been heading
steadily downhill…
The habit we’ve seen develop in the past few decades
of politicians and media openly lying to the American
people poses an even greater threat to our way of life
than the terrorists we’re trying to defeat. Every time
a terrorist bomb explodes, America grows stronger and
the will to win in most Americans grows more resolved.
But every time a prominent figure lies, and every time
the press blindly repeats or elaborates those lies,
our nation is weakened from within. 

On 14 November, when the President was speaking. Fox's
Juliet Huddy and Mike Jerrick let us hear two
sentences.  Then Juliet called in an 'expert' from UVA
for his opinions on the reasons Bush was giving the
speech, and then gave us her own interpretation of why
he was speaking. Of course, he hadn't finished
speaking, but what did these fluff-heads care? Perhaps
their idea of "fair and balanced" seems to mean giving
pundits, including Fox News Channel staff, as much
space - or more! - than the people who actually make
the news. One of the things that is almost laughable
is how much media pundits interview each other. 

I have a list of a few things most people probably
already know about the media but tend to overlook or
1. They are not as interested in developing and
presenting the truth as they are in selling ad space.
In any choice between truth and fiction they will
attempt to sell the fiction if that will help their
bottom line.
2. What they call "fair and balanced" is often a
presentation of unequal combat in which they give
equal time to the knowledgeable commentator on the
news as they do to the complete, raving idiot.
3. Since most of the members of the press are
partisans of one party...that party gets the breaks in
terms of coverage of its issues and the trumpeting of
its party line... 
For instance what other reason would Mr. Wilson,
formerly of the CIA get such full coverage when
bi-partisan committees of the Congress have already
pointed out that he has sold more "Big Whoppers" than
Burger King?
4. Here are some principles many follow to sell news
like hotcakes:
     1. If the stock market goes up 100 points in a
week but down on Friday by 10 points; don't report the
average increase. Report only the 10 point drop---and
blame it on the President.
     2.  Keep reporting casualties, but never report
the battles fought and the gains made in Iraq. If
there is a new electrical system in Baghdad, they find
someone to point out that Halliburton built it...What
the person you find says doesn't have to be proven,
just get him to allege that it cost too much, that the
bidding process was flawed...that it will fall apart
and all is the fault of the President. 
     3. For a "mother" like Ms. Sheehan, just leave
critical things out of her bio that won't aid what you
want to sell about her...such as the facts that she
had little to do with raising the son whose death she
blames on the President; that contrary to her wishes
her son volunteered both for a second tour in Iraq and
only after being rejected for the mission in which he
was killed, begged his Sergeant to let him be a part
of it, "to help his fellow soldiers."
     4. With no facts to sustain the charges, keep
reporting the Democrat mantra that "the President
lied," manipulated intelligence, and on and on.
Whatever the untruth, say it long enough and as the
Nazi General Goebbels said, the masses will believe
it. Give equal weight to the partisan fabrication as
you do to the facts, unless it is more useful to
promote the rumor mongers.  
     5. Keep reporting poll outcomes, such as "most
people don't trust the President" but don't reveal 
what questions were asked; 
how they were asked 
and to what group they were asked.
If you want the "right" poll results to make your case
take them from a skewed sample with more liberals than
conservatives. Every person who has studied statistics
knows that you can get the results you want from the
     6. The economy is humming along at an unexpected
3.5% growth rate; find a professor of economics
somewhere and report that: "It won't be sustained." Or
that  "growth is in the wrong areas" That Christmas
shopping is likely to be down this year"
Report anything and anybody who can damage the view
the economy is in great shape...This is a way of
keeping your biased polls "looking good" and reporting
"lower consumer confidence."
The Main Stream Media, trumpeting that it is fair and
balanced is engaged in a conspiracy not to win this
war but to destroy the President for the sake of their
liberal agenda...even if that means losing the war and
exposing our Country to terrorism here in our shopping
centers, homes and work places. When that happens they
won't blame the "shame of the Kennedy's" the biggest
windbag ever to inhabit the US Senate. Like all else
bad that has happened, or can happen, they will blame
the President.
It’s an often-repeated adage that a rumor becomes fact
through repetition. If you keep saying something over
and over, eventually it carries the weight of revealed
truth, especially in a world where the press seems
less interested in presenting facts and more
interested in simply repeating what people say no
matter how unfounded or outrageous. 
	When Ted Kennedy stands up and accuses the President
of “tearing down those who seek the truth about the
clear manipulation of intelligence in the run-up to
the Iraq war,” the Associated Press repeats his
accusation without comment, despite the fact that the
bipartisan Silberman-Robb commission found after an
exhaustive investigation that “analysts universally
asserted that in no instance did political pressure
cause them to skew or alter any of their analytical
judgments,” and that “it was the paucity of
intelligence and poor analytical tradecraft, rather
than political pressure, that produced the inaccurate
pre-war intelligence assessments.” In other words, the
CIA goofed again.
	I’ve got news for you folks, in case you have not
heard, we have found weapons of mass destruction in
Iraq. Ted Kennedy says something already demonstrated
conclusively to be false, but it’s repeated in the
papers like it’s God’s own truth right out of
Page two:
	I confessed on this program some weeks ago that I had
been in error about the wave of natural disasters
hitting our Nation and that they did actually have
something to do with the way we were treating Israel.
Since then I have been accumulating evidence to that
effect. You might then ask yourselves if I am correct
what did the wave of violent storms and tornados that
hit our country. Let me share that with you.
	On the 16th of this month an Associated Press report
said NY faced a severe weather system. The same day
the Senator from New York, Hillary Clinton, was all in
the news for her trip to Israel and the twin moves of
her and her husband when they announced their
opposition to Iraq War.
	That amounted to an 180degree reversal of their
previous positions, former President Bill Clinton
called the Iraq war "a big mistake," while his wife,
Sen. Hillary Clinton, voted for a Democratic bill that
would announce a timetable for U.S. withdrawal.
	Remember “Billary” also lives in New York. The story
of how he set up his office spaces was one the media
did not tell you much about either. But back to what
is going on now. Withdrawal from Iraq would hurt the
security of Israel. Announcing a timetable for
withdrawal would help the friends of terrorism. And,
frankly I think Congressmen who are for that are
either idiots or traitors. But pressing on…
	I would think Bill Clinton did enough to hurt Israel
when he was President. Bill Clinton did his level best
to destroy Israel during his eight years. He twisted
Ehud Barak's arm to the point that the former prime
minister had virtually given his country away to
Yasser Arafat. Only a strange twist of fate, in which
Arafat rejected the giveaway, halted the process and
saved Israel from the unimaginable horror of being
sliced and diced back then. It could be the storm
threat to New York was a message from God just as when
Bush Senior’s Kennebunkport home was destroyed by the
storm of the century while he was acting to harm
Israel during his administration. 
	It's not bad enough that the Israelis had evacuated
peaceful civilians from the Gaza Strip because the
proposed new Palestinian government there cannot
stomach the idea of any Jews living in their country.
Now Bill Clinton says Jews should send financial aid
and technology to their anti-Semitic terrorist enemies
there. Nothing like supporting the people who want to
kill you.
	But that's what the former U.S. president told a
group in Jerusalem. Strangely enough they were
gathered to mark the 10th anniversary of the
assassination of Israel Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.
Clinton also referred to the Oslo peace process, which
was by any standard a total and abject failure, as
"our best chance for a lasting and comprehensive
	Frankly, I'm surprised he wasn't booed off the stage.
"If you work for peace and fail, fewer people will die
than if you do not work at all," Bill Clinton said. I
say, “Mr. Clinton tell that to Neville Chamberlain.”
This is what passes for deep thinking among world
Clinton’s ideas are like suggesting that the best
hedge against the rise of Adolph Hitler in the 1930s
would have been diverting financial and technical aid
to Germany. 

No people have done more for the Arab refugees than
the Jews. Nowhere in the Middle East do Arabs live
freer, more productive lives than in Israel. 
Their thanks has been in the form unrelenting,
unending terrorism and death. 
I find these comments by Bill Clinton condescending
and dangerous. 
Why do we keep raising the bar of civil conduct higher
and higher for Jews? 
Why are expectations continually lowered for the Arab
Why do we believe that we can change the moral
character of the Palestinians in Gaza by throwing
money at them? 
Why do we think rewarding terrorism is the right thing
to do in the Middle East, even though we know it is
the wrong approach elsewhere? 
Why is it that the Jews are expected to pay for the
needs of the people in Gaza – even though the Arab
states of the Middle East are wealthy and claim to
support their struggle?
This is insanity.
Why are ideas of people like the Clinton’s and their
ilk even taken seriously?
How many times do we have to witness the same policies
of appeasement and one-sided sacrifice fail before we
recognize it's time for a re-evaluation of those
But this is not the end of the story.

Page three
Nearly three dozen tornadoes ripped through the
Midwest, part of a huge line of thunderstorms that
destroyed homes and killed at least two people. One
tornado ripping through another area killed at least

Meteorologists said a cold front moving rapidly east
collided with warm, unstable air from the south on
Tuesday to produce the thunderstorms that stretched
from the Gulf of Mexico to the Great Lakes, spawning
funnel clouds and tornadoes in parts of Missouri,
Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois and Tennessee.

On one night during the storms I heard a sound as of
tornados passing over my home three times. We learned
what that sounded like when I was a boy living in
Warner Robins Georgia. We used to get under the bed
when there was an alert, as if that would offer some
	The Storm Prediction Center had preliminary reports
of at least 35 tornadoes in the five Midwestern and
Southern states. It was the third outbreak of twisters
this month. One tornado on Nov. 6 killed 23 people in
southern Indiana, and nine tornadoes struck Iowa,
killing one woman. Along with tornadoes, thunderstorms
in Indiana produced wind of more than 100 mph and as
much as 2 inches of rain, causing scattered flooding,
said meteorologist Jason Puma at the weather service
in Indianapolis. One person said the destruction in
his area "looks like a war zone."
	So what else has been going on?

I used to think Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice
was vaguely connected to reality. On October 25th she
made a speech (marking the end of Ramadan) that
disabused me of that notion.  It was an exercise in
kissing up to put that could be used to instruct Bill
Clinton or George Bush for that matter
	Madam Secretary Rice promoted Islam from religion of
peace to "religion of love and peace." Remember the
old song “You always hurt the ones you love?” 
Islam's love letters usually come with TNT attached.
"We in America know the benevolence that is at the
heart of Islam," Rice remarked. "We've seen it in many
ways." Funny, I seem to have missed that.
	Muslim benevolence may be glimpsed in a ceremony just
days ago in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, where
Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al Sudais (imam of Mecca's Grand
Mosque) received the Islamic Personality of the Year
Award. In a 2003 sermon, Sheikh Love prayed that Allah
would "terminate" the
Jews, who he benevolently called "the scum of
humanity, the rats of the world, prophet killers; pigs
and monkeys" 
(The latter, the pigs and monkeys part come from their
benevolent and loving Koran by the way, lest you think
he is really misguided about his religion). 
On other occasions Al-Sudais referred to Jews as
"evil," a "continuum of deceit," "tyrannical" and
Doubtless, all these must be terms of endearment among
devotees of Rice’s religion of peace and love.

Rice went on to observe: "We in America also know that
Muslims possess certain basic rights that arise from
our equal human dignity. 
Among these are the right to live without oppression,
the right to worship without persecution, and the
right to think and speak and assemble without wrongful
	It’s a pity Muslims don't extend the same rights to
religious minorities in their counties -- Christians
in Nigeria, Jews in Iran, Orthodox in Kosovo, Egyptian
Copts, and so forth can tell you how loving Islam is.
A Saudi court has just sentenced a teacher to 40
months in jail and 700 lashes for discussing the
Bible. He would only get fired for that here.
	Earlier this month, there were riots outside a Coptic
church in Alexandria, Egypt.  It took 5,000 police to
quell the crowd protesting a play at the church, which
it believed had defamed its adorable religion.  Days
before, a Muslim stabbed a nun to retaliate for the
sale of a DVD of the play.  Crossing Islamic "peace
and love" can be a risky business.
	Besides puckering up for the Prophet, our Secretary
of State indulged in some unembarrassed
America-bashing.  After ritual garment-rending over
the sin of segregation, Condi pontificated, "So, of
all nations, America has no cause for false pride and
we have every reason for humility." (Perhaps it was
her years in academia that taught Rice to be able to
babble so fluently.)
	Americans should not have "false pride,"?  It must
have been the Saudis who launched us into the computer
age. Guess it was the Egyptians who spent
half-a-century feeding the world's hungry.  Were those
Iranians hitting the beach on D-Day? probably not,
given that most adherents of the religion of peace and
love were rooting for the ethnic cleansing Nazis.
	Condi’s fondness for Islam must be behind Rice's
advocacy of a Palestinian state. Why limit the love to
only 1,000-plus dead Israelis in the past five years?
In all of existence, there is no greater dichotomy
than between the way Islam is portrayed by its Western
admirers and the way it's practiced by its more
enthusiastic adherents. Wherever large numbers of
Muslims come in contact with "infidels," all jihad
breaks loose.
There is a saying that Islam has three faces it
presents to the world:  
Face One -- when it is in the minority in a society,
it is respectful and deferential; 
Face Two -- when it is at parity, it is pushy and
Face Three -- when it is in the majority, it will kill
	That's as true on the West Bank as it is in the
Kashmir, as much a reality in the Philippines as the
Balkans and as sure in West Africa as it is in

There are two possible explanations for this
1) Islam is indeed a religion of sweetness and light,
which, for some inexplicable reason, tends to provoke
the wrath of non-Muslims of every variety.
2) Islam is an atavistic cult (more ideology than
religion) whose tenets glorify holy war, teach
contempt for other peoples, foster toxic resentment
and inspire megalomania among its followers. 
I believe the second choice is the true explanation.

Yet, reality notwithstanding, Western elites insist on
seeing Islam through Condi-colored glasses.  No amount
of suicide bombing, anti-Semitic agitation (Jordanian
TV is airing a series on the Jewish conspiracy for
global domination. The Protocols of The Elders of Zion
for Dummies), rampant misogyny, persecution of
Christians or slaughter of innocents is allowed to
penetrate this mindset.
	Love (as well as body parts) was in the air in India,
when bomb blasts in two crowded New Delhi markets
killed 61, among them a number of children. While no
one has claimed responsibility, police are saying it
has all the earmarks of the Lashkar-e-Tayyaba, the
jihadi group attempting to wrest the Kashmir away from
	Isn't it odd how the religion of love and peace often
inspires such murderous rage among its disciples?  I
don't recall Moses, Jesus or even Buddha saying, 'If
you kill infidels, you'll go straight to heaven and
get 70 doe-eyed virgins in the bargain."  While most
religions have a violent stage, Islam's has lasted for
almost 1,400 years and counting.
	The standard Western response is that terrorism in
the name of Islam is the work of fanatics, extremists,
a fringe element that somehow has managed to
misinterpret its peaceable and adorable faith and turn
it into an incendiary device.
	Opinion surveys in the Islamic world show substantial
support for the Muslim version of Murder Inc. 
Condoleeza Rice ignores the fact that, despite
constant urging and every opportunity to do so,
so-called Muslim moderates somehow never get around to
repudiating jihad violence. 
	If you believe the terrorists are a fringe element,
you must also assume that George Bush and Condi Rice
know more about Islam than the sheikhs of Mecca, the
mullahs of Iran, the imams of the West Bank or the
religious scholars of Cairo's al-Azhar University. Did
our Secretary of State read the Cliff Notes Koran?
	One who shares Condi's pro-Prophet euphoria is the
House of Windsor's New Age Dumbo. Prince Charles came
here to lecture us on the need for greater acceptance
of the swellest religion that ever tried to destroy
England.  Yes, I am talking about Islam. Prince
Charley of Wales maintains he finds “the language and
rhetoric coming from America too confrontational,"
	Did Neville Chamberlain take too confrontational an
approach to the Third Reich? One of Charles's more
distinguished countrymen had this to say of Islam:
"Individual Muslims may show splendid qualities, But
the influence of the religion paralyzes the social
development of those who follow it.  No stronger
retrograde force exists anywhere in the world." 
	Unlike Prince Charles, Winston Churchill didn't
inherit his position, but did experience Islam in the
raw. I have lived for several years in two Islamic
countries so I can tell you with authority Churchill
knew a whole lot more about what he was talking about
than does Bonnie Prince Charley.
	I hope Rice's remarks receive the widest possible
It should help disillusion those conservatives who are
pushing her as the GOP presidential candidate in '08. 
Who would she run with, the Iranian President who
called for Israel to be "wiped off the map"?

	If that was not enough to cause God to try to get our
attention once again, do you think when Rice pushed
Israel to give up on security at Palestinian crossings
and make themselves even more vulnerable He might be
unhappy with America?
	When Prime Minister Ariel Sharon met with U.S.
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on the 14th he was
urged on behalf of U.S. President Bush to enable the
opening of crossings for Gaza’s Arabs. 
	Rice said that although the Israeli withdrawal from
Gaza and northern Samaria was a positive and important
step, Israel must continue to empower the Palestinian
Authority and assist in establishing a Palestinian
	She went on to apply intense pressure upon PM Sharon
to relax Israel’s security requirements in order to
open the Rafiach border between Gaza and Egypt. Israel
has insisted on closed circuit cameras being installed
in the Rafiach Crossing, but the Palestinian Authority
refuses to allow such a move. PA sources later
announced that a deal had been reached that would
enable the opening of the border. Who did they make
this deal with? 
	For all Ms Rice vaunted intelligence she must be
ignorant of the smuggling operations between Egypt and
terrorists in Israel.
	Prior to Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza, Rafiach was a
major point for weapons smuggling, with hundreds of
arms-smuggling tunnels uncovered and destroyed in
recent years in extensive IDF operations. Following
the withdrawal, despite PA and Egyptian guarantees,
the border was left wide open for over a week,
enabling the transport of unknown amounts of heavy
weaponry into Gaza. 
	Rice also demanded that Israel expand the exports and
granting of work-permits to PA residents at the Karni
Crossing from Gaza to Israel, a reality difficult to
implement due to PA refusal to accede to Israeli
security needs. Quartet envoy James Wolfensohn has
also been applying pressure upon Israeli to relinquish
its security demands in favor of enabling free passage
to residents of the PA. Wolfensohn told reporters that
Israel is “entrenching itself in security
considerations, transforming the Gaza Strip into an
enormous prison.”
	One of the arguments made prior to the withdrawal
from Gaza and northern Samaria by pro-Disengagement
politicians was that a Gaza withdrawal would create
separation between Israelis and PA residents.
Opponents, on the other hand, predicted that the
pressure to open the crossings would make such a claim
incorrect, pointing out that most terror attacks
emanating from Gaza were the result of Arabs taking
advantage of the crossings. The crossings have
remained operational following the withdrawal, with
scaled-back Israeli security infrastructure and
growing international pressure to allow Gaza’s Arabs
and their exports increased access to Israel.

	Well I had been intending to talk some about the
anti-military, unpatriotic cities and colleges about
the nation. I had planned to tell you about recent
incidences of antichristian activities that had taken
place, but once again I have run out of time. There is
so much that needs to be covered and we have little
time. If you enjoy these broadcasts, please send
Brother Boling a letter, and if you are a Christian, a
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We need to keep sources of truth on the airwaves.

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