Illegal Alien Demonstrations

Dr. Michael L. Ford

2 May 2007


            Yesterday, as I watched the news media reporting on the demonstrations by illegal aliens living in the United States outside the law, I kept thinking of a verse from the Bible. Though a man strives for masteries he is not crowned unless he strives lawfully. For people who have no right to be in a country to get out on the streets of that country demonstrating and making demands shows a profound contempt for the institutions and laws of that country.

            When the U.S.A. had an amnesty for illegals some years back I had sympathy for people I considered to be seeking to get away from criminal governments and impoverished living conditions in their homelands. I remembered my own ancestors came for religious freedom, one as an indentured servant. Also, the widow Gladney came from Scotland with her five sons. She had only a washpot filled with pickled eggs to feed them on the long sea voyage by sailing ship. But now I am reminded that when they came, they came legally, not as criminals.

            A year ago in the last demonstration for “their rights” a great many demonstrators showed up with Mexican flags and signs saying “Reconquista!” The meaning of that word said they intended to reconquer land ceded or sold to the U.S. by Mexico. The organizers told people to leave such things at home this time because it sent the wrong message. They are afraid more people will catch on to the real purpose behind Mexico’s encouragement of illegal immigration.

            The people in our government promoting another “amnesty” for illegal aliens, like Ted Kennedy, are not used to obeying the law so they do not see the issue. Besides they live in gated communities with bodyguards paid for by the same taxpayers who are likely to become the victims of the increasing criminal element coming into the U.S. Then you have the elitists like Pelosi and Bush who support amnesty. They are working for a New World Order where nationalism will be done away with. It is these people in high places that are the reason why, when the illegals come out to demonstrate for non-existant rights, lawman are not present to round them up and send them home.

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