Should Dick Cheney be Replaced

 When this question was first raised my opinion was a resounding no because that was what the enemies of the administration wanted. My thinking on the matter has changed and it has nothing to do with the reasons most people are calling for him to be replaced.

            Some people feel Cheney should be replaced because he has had four heart attacks. He is now equipped with a state of the art machine which does a bit more than the average pace maker. The big question for a weak heart, a heartbeat away from the Presidency, is how well the man with that heart handles stress? The answer to that seems to be just fine. I have to admit the use of some crude language lately offended me, but speaking from the standpoint of his health venting was better than holding his feeling in. But it did not help is good guy image.

            Many have pointed to his connection with Halliburton, trying to say he somehow made it possible for them to get lucrative contracts in Iraq. This criticism usually comes from the Democratic side, which makes a career out of ignoring the facts. That organization was the only one truly equipped to do the job needed in that country. For my own part I am glad to have people in government who had the capacity to be successful in private life.

            Others oppose Cheney on the basis of his connections with secret organizations. These critics overlook the fact everyone connected with the Presidential race on both sides are also part of those groups. If he were replaced the likely candidates would also be part of that equation.

For none of those reasons would I replace Cheney. But he needs to go. My reason is very simple. His daughter Mary is a lesbian and like so many parents he seems to have adjusted his ideas to justify the sin of his child, referring to her as a fine young woman. Being a sexual deviant she cannot possibly be that. The potential for damage to America is too great to risk on a heartbeat.

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