North Koreaís Unholy War
Dr. Michael L. Ford
19 October 2006

	My friend and partner is some areas of Christian
ministry, C.W. Boling, has encouraged me to write some
comments about the situation in North Korea in light
of current events. I had not intended to do so at this
time because I have been planning a different article
highlighting the anti-Christian attitude of the North
Korean internal policies. But in responding to his
encouragement I put in some more time in thought and
study and began to realize that the whole business
with North Korea is part of a composite whole picture.
	A lot of what the press and politicians do with the
North Korea story is very irritating. They have
reported that the little pervert dictator of North
Korea has threatened war over the United Nations
sanctions. Two things about his threats are unclear.
The first thing is who is he threatening war against
this time? And, the second is what about his threats
are more realistic than the threats he has made in the
past? North Korea has been threatening renewed war
with someone ever since the Korean War ended.
	In 2003, officially atheist North Korea was calling
for holy war against the United States. The whole
nuclear thing has been in development in North Korea
since the 1990ís. It did begin when they took
inspection seals off reactors three years ago. And,
they are surely not interested in getting electricity
to their nation. Satellite pictures of Korea, taken at
night, plainly delineate the boundaries between North
and South Korea based on who has electric lights to
burn and who does not. Electricity allows for
communications that let people know about the rest of
the world and people like Kin Jong Il can only stay in
charge in a closed system.
A nation whose leader cares nothing for his own people
should be considered doubly dangerous because if he
cares not for his own what would he be capable of
against others? And, the deluded dictator did not miss
a meal while millions of his countrymen starved in
such numbers that the Black Plague by comparison
started looking like a flu epidemic. Is Kim Jong Il
capable of unholy war? He is at war already!

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