President of the World

Michael L. Ford, Th.D.

27 July 2008


            Senator Obama has set something of a new record for inquiries concerning whether or not he might be the Man of Sin also known as the Antichrist. For months I have been receiving questions from subscribers and friends whether or not he might be this person spoken of both by Rabbinical and Christian teachers through the centuries. My wife was the first person to ask me whether this might be the case and others have included a friend who helps me in the ministry as well as colleagues from other ministries. These people are not lightweights when it comes to biblical knowledge. I say this for the benefit of those inclined to mock. They had found points where Obama coincided with the one prophesied to come or they would not have been making inquiry.

            Not one of those asking me about Obama has had such a foolish notion as the one proposed about other candidates from the past such as with Henry Kissinger. In Kissinger’s case many based their belief he was The Antichrist on deriving the number 666 from assigning values to the letters in his name. To do this they had to ignore the fact letters of our alphabet system does not have assigned numeric value such as might be found in Hebrew and Greek letters. But before beginning the imaginative stretch to make him a candidate for Antichrist many had genuine reason to be concerned. From such quotes as "Power is the ultimate  “aphrodisiac" to his philosophy of “Realpolitik” Kissinger made moral people uneasy. Realpolitik is politics or diplomacy based primarily on practical considerations rather than ideological notions. Realpolitik is foreign policy based on considerations of power, not ideals, morals, or principles an idea Christians have real difficulty in accepting. So people had reasons to wonder what sort of man he is.

            Let us consider for a moment where my friends are coming from questioning whether or not Barack Obama might be the Antichrist? First of all he is a “little horn”, small power, trying to rise to great heights “great horn” quickly. (Daniel 7:8; 8:9) And he is also a person speaking “great things.” Mr. Obama served as a Senator a mere 143 days before running for President of the United States, and he has been speaking great things, words that promise much “change” but are absolutely devoid of content.

            Another consideration has appeared more clearly as he has campaigned for President on foreign shores. That is he has wide acceptance from many quarters overseas, but not necessarily those who will come against Israel in the Last Days. He has also declared himself a “citizen of the world” and that has made some people wonder whether he is running for President of the United States or President of the World. As he has traveled about the world running for President it has also come to light that much fund raising through the Internet has yielded him monetary support from places like Saudi Arabia. It seems he is finding acceptance with those on both sides of the hot issue of the day, the future of Israel. And of course Eschatology students are in expectation of Antichrist making a seven-year security agreement for Israel that will be broken in the middle of the time of Tribulation. With all this evidence mounting it shows that people asking such a question about Barack Obama are not necessarily folks seeing Antichrist behind every bush.

            In the interest of full disclosure I will assert that I oppose Senator Obama in his campaign for the Presidency. My reasons are multitude beginning with his membership in a church, which teaches a false gospel, one I find has little connection with the Christianity it claims to be part of. I oppose him because I do not believe he has any loyalty to the United States. He appears to be more of a world citizen than an American citizen by his own declaration several times during his foreign travels. I do not need a President who wants to be President of the World; I want a President who wants to be President of the United States and has absolute loyalty to the USA. But do I think he is the Antichrist? No I do not for more reasons than I have space to elaborate on here. But frankly I do not like the spirit I see in him and his wife, so I do not want to trust him with the highest office in the land.

            Bill Clinton, who some people, like Jack Church, saw as an antichrist figure and possibly the return of the Emperor Nero was rumored to want an international position of power and prestige. I suggest he and Obama go and compete for such a position and leave the USA in the hands of someone who loves her first, if we can find such a candidate.

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