Girlie Men, Crybabies, or?

19 July 2004

The best laugh I had this day was when Arnold Schwarzeneggar called some California lawmakers “girlie men.” They are holding up the budget to get pork for the special interests that finance their reelections. Unlike Sheila Kuhl, who is a state senator, I have never heard the expression used in relation to gay men, though she made the claim that was the case. I guess I do not run in as licentious circles as she must so I do not know about such things. And since I have had better things to do with my time I have not seen very much of Saturday Night Live, so I have never seen a skit called “Pumping Up With Hans and Franz.” But with what little I know of the politics of the Saturday Night Live crowd I am amazed that they would use a homophobic term in their skit about Germanic body builders. Something does not ring true here. Are they looking for an issue?

For me when I heard the expression, my first thought was of the term “sissy boys,” which refers to fellows who do not do the things other boys do like play sports, go fishing, and generally compete with other boys. Since the California legislature has been unwilling to make hard decisions and politically incorrect ones that are morally and ethically right, even in the face of bankruptcy, they struck me as a bunch of gutless wonders. We used to call people like that sissies.

Arnold’s critics said his comment was not terribly witty. It gave me a laugh, but perhaps my sense of humor is not as jaded as the people writing commentary. I still find things funny that are based on the timing of the punch line and am not amused by the vulgarity used in comedy today as a substitute for a thoughtful punch line. Since The “Governator’s” humor was clean I guess it would not amuse the majority of the Democratic obstructionists he was mocking. But then people are usually not happy when they are mocked.

The Democratic pinko socialists in California as well as other places do not like for people to tell the truth about them, and I suspect that is their biggest problem. Arnold told the truth about why they will not pass the budget. There complaint about his mocking use of the term “girlie boys” is just a redirection of people’s attention from the fact he publicly exposed them for what they are. We need more telling of truth about people and what they are really up to in this country.

Assemblymen Mark Leno made some negative comments about the use of the term “girlie men” equating it with the homosexuals. Since he is chairman of the Lesbian, Gay, and Transgender Caucus (which has only 5 members) I suppose he is some kind of pervert. He said it was wrong to put down a group of law abiding tax paying citizens. I would take exception to that characterization of his group since those kinds of people not only have a great many pedophiles in their ranks, they also kill each other at an amazing rate. One commentary writer noted that Leno’s group had only four categories but it had five members; this undoubtedly meant one kind of perversion in his group must be oppressing the other three categories. I suppose the Assemblywhatever might take exception to that humor too.

There sure has been a lot of crybabying about Arnold’s telling on them and calling them “girlie boys.” The people we used to call “sissy boys often got that expression hung on them because they were crybabies. Hmmm. Seems to me that the expression hit pretty close to home and that is the real problem here. Maybe some would prefer to be called “fruit loops” than “girlie boys?”… Nah, they’d just cry again!

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