Violence Among Girls Increasing

	When I was a boy, girls who fought, punching,
kicking, and so forth were considered of the rudest
sort. I remember one fight between girls while I was
in High School. It took place in a girls toilet and
when we heard there was a fight going on everyone
gathered around outside to see who it was and what it
was about. We are hearing more and more of girls
turning to violence these days with an intensity that
was uncommon even for boys when I was growing up.
	Police Chief Jansen Robinson says of the violence
that “This is vicious I want to hurt you fighting.
It’s a nationwide phenomenon and it is catching us all
off guard.” People are seeing the growing intensity of
girls settling things, often petty things, with their
fists in vicious toe to toe fighting. They are proving
what I have long believed, and that is angry females
have a tendency to be more vicious than angry males,
because they literally lay aside restraint when they
go into action.
	Nationally violence among teenage boys outstrips
violence among girls by four to one. But a generation
ago the statistics were ten to one. The trend over the
course of my lifetime has truly been downhill. Some
blame the fact society in general is less civil;
others say that part of the problem is the increase in
action films with female heroines, like Lara Croft
Tomb Raider. Most see the breakdown in the family and
church influence upon lives as central to the problem.
I am sure that the influence of public education with
its social experimentation and teaching of evolution
should also be held accountable.
	Incidences where violent acts are actually encouraged
and promoted by parents leads me to believe that we
have finally reached the point where we have children
being raised by immature people whose only claim to
adulthood is the age of their bodies. Phil Leaf,
Director for the Center for the Prevention of Youth
Violence at John Hopkins University says it reminds
him of the situation in the novel “Lord of the Flies.”
That novel was about children growing up in a world
without adults. Today parents are not involved in
their children’s lives and when they are there, they
are often not providing good role models to their

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