Da Vinci Code


I have been hanging back on weighing in with a report on the Da Vinci Code. Though I have read a number of articles on the subject, I have no intention of reading the book even though it has now spent 52 weeks on the highly biased New York Times best seller list. You see, what is in Dan Brown’s book is not a new idea. He has capitalized on some false teaching, he knows will sell well, that has been around for a long time.

The idea of the Lord Jesus Christ marrying various female candidates in the New Testament has been around for a long time, at least since the original witnesses departed this world. Mary Magdalene has been the best candidate, but Lazarus’ sisters, Mary and Martha are also offered by other mythicists. Some polygamists have wanted him married to all three. My answer to these types of beliefs is that the Lord came to become the bridegroom of a bride, and she is called The Church.

As to attacks on the divinity of Christ, those did not even wait till the death of the original witnesses. Satan has been active in that area, so a popular worldly book, which evidently some people believe, must attack the fact the Lord is the Son of God, even as Arius in the fourth century argued that the Son was less than the Father. If this was such a novel idea the Jehovah Witnesses would have not done so well with their heresy since the 19th century. Fundamentally what lies at the core of attacks on the divinity of Christ is that many people want another way to God, a way of works.

There is something in the Da Vinci Code that tells me Brown knows more about what is going on in the world beneath the surface than he might actually be telling. The reviews I have read say he has in his story line a tale about descendants of Jesus who form a secret body of worshippers. There is good reason to believe that this group does in fact exist. The real secret group is not really made up of descendants of Jesus but they believe they are. They are probably descendants of the ancient Tribe of Dan and this group includes some of the royals of Europe. Talking about this group without really naming them might be the real purpose of the book. It certainly was not to bring people to the true Christ.

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