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The Death of Sheik Ahmed Yassin

The death of the founder of Hamas founder has evoked no tears from me, but I am not unmindful that the true God, who is not the Allah, Yassin served, says He has no pleasure in the death of the wicked.                       (Ezekiel 33:11)


            The world has been critical of Israel for targeting these murderers and leaders of murderers. It is interesting to me that the world thinks Jews should just stand around like sheep waiting to be killed. The restraint the People of Israel has shown toward these terrorists has been detrimental to their own security. Until their policy embraces the Old Testament method of dealing with enemies in the Land of Canaan, they will not be successful.

            People like the Council on American-Islamic Relations has joined in on the side of the terrorist organizations in redefining who this man was, identifying him as a religious leader instead of the terrorist he is. Osama bin Laden, by their view, is also a religious leader because the evil that he does reflects what Islam teaches. They would have you to think that Yassin was a relatively harmless old man because he was confined to a wheelchair. Being confined to a wheelchair did not keep him from committing the sin of Cain. He had a whole dug, his brother put into it live, and then executed him.

            They want you to think that he would have made a peace agreement with Israel had he lived. People who believe that are unbelievably gullible. Yassin was such an evil and dangerous man that even the mass murderer Yasser Arafat had reason to be careful of him and to court his favor.

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