Dutch Government Move to Ban Burqas in Public

Dr. Michael L. Ford

21 November 2006


            You may have not heard it on the news but the Dutch government of the Netherlands is moving toward making a law banning the wearing of veils and other clothing that covers the face in public. It gives me hope that the famous Dutch practicality might be asserting itself and showing other Europeans, and maybe America as well, some of what must be done to deal with the Muslins who are not only seeking to take over the world, but to intrude their ideas about society onto other nations who committed the crime of making them and their religion welcome.

            It could be the 2004 slaying of filmmaker Theo Van Gogh by a Muslim fanatic, along with demonstrations throughout the world over a few cartoons contributed to their wakeup call. The issue has of being able to identify people by seeing their faces got another boost when it was discovered pregnant and nursing Muslim women were willing to sacrifice themselves and their babies for their evil aspirations. Former British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw recently said he wants Muslim women to abandon the full-face veil - a view endorsed by Prime Minister Tony Blair.

In France, when movement was made to get such head coverings banned, the world took notice but because they are such appeasers people did not give it the attention it probably deserved. Even though French presidential candidate Nicolas Sarkozy has increasingly been adopting some of the rhetoric it is hard to take the French or Spanish very seriously when they talk about doing what is necessary to protect their citizenry.

            The main Dutch Muslim organization CMO has been critical of a ban. So what else is new? Those groups always are! They argue hardly any Dutch Muslim women wear burqas anyway. But it only takes one to blow up an airplane or carry out some other act of terrorism. At the least it will keep some from using the burqa to avoid being hired when they make job application, so they can draw Dutch unemployment. You see Dutch employers do not like to hire women who wear burqas. I cannot say I blame them. I want to be able to read the expressions of people who I trust to do anything related to my interests. Donít you?

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