Minister of Education Reports


Why are There Protests and  Attacks

Aimed at American Soldiers in  Iraq?


            This question has come to me from several sources of late. And, it is a valid one indeed. After doing so much to set the people of Iraq free from a brutal dictator, why aren't the people who gave so much for them more appreciated?


            The answer to the question lies in the religion that shapes the thinking of the majority of people in the Middle East. Unlike the folks in the United States, who have grown up at least under the influence of a system shaped by the dominate belief in a God who has love at the very core of His being, Middle Easterners know no such God in Islam. Christianity teaches of the God who wants to know people personally and have a close relationship with them. Islam teaches a god that is not even bound by his own nature to act consistently. To the Islamic mind, the idea that their god Allah would condescend to want a personal relationship with a mortal is blasphemy.

            If there is no love, then the gratitude that flows out from love is very limited if not nonexistent at all. Even though their god Allah is addressed as The Merciful, he remains a stern and unbending god who might not accept a believer even after he has worked and striven for the Islamic salvation. In Islam, god and man are wary of each other in contrast to Christianity where God and man are in love with each other.

            Islam teaches that true believers are not to make friends of people who do not believe in Allah. It also teaches that the presence of people they term infidels upon their land is wrong and there is no place for compromise simply because these "infidels" came and set them free from a brutal dictatorship. Michael Youssef wrote the following some time back: "Not only people what they worship, but they become what they fear. The Muslims fear of condemnation and judgement turns outward into the same kind of action toward others. Grace and forgiveness are rare attributes of god or man in Islam, which proves a common saying that 'Islam is as arid as the deserts of its birth'." The need the Lord Jesus Christ.

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