Los Angeles City Seal


            It does not surprise me that the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors would bow and surrender the symbols of the area’s heritage to the evil American Civil Liberties Union. Los Angeles has been only a little ahead of San Francisco in trying to make California’s motto “the land of fruit and flakes” for years. They are a natural target for promoting some liberal and evil agenda. For years California has done harm to its own well being by what it has endorsed and promoted and Los Angeles has led the way many times.

            Hearing that Mel Gibson was upset over the L.A. Board decision to grovel at the feet of the ACLU was no surprise either. After his movie on the crucifixion of Christ and all he had to endure from both Hollywood and the media, the fact that he was a man of strong religious convictions should be of no surprise to anyone. I hope he does fight to retain the symbol. It would be a good use of the millions he just made from the “passion” movie if he gave the ACLU a defeat in their agenda.

            The ACLU’s move to have a tiny cross removed from the seal of the city of Los Angeles illustrated clearer than ever before that the target is Christianity, not the establishment of religion. They were quite content to leave the Greek pagan woman goddess figure on the seal, just get rid of that cross. Some of the members of the ACLU are atheists and some are secular Jews. The secular Jews are a blight on Judaism because they hate the Messiah of the Jews, who has been for a time rejected, and they do not believe in the faith that they came from either. It was from Jews such as these that the Alexandrian cult that sought to Grecianize Judaism sprung before their was Christianity and after Christ they sought to pervert the Gospel message.

            Overlooked in many reports has been Michael D. Antonovich, the courageous supervisor who has battled to keep the cross on the seal. He should be commended and encouraged in his fight. I have wondered if they might not try to get him out of office like the evil workers in Alabama have done with Judge Roy Moore? If that happens, remember that I told you so. It was supervisor Antonovich that first broke the news that Mel Gibson had met with Rabbi Daniel Lapin, president of the National Jewish Christian Alliance Toward Tradition, who was apparently as upset as Gibson over the actions of the Board of Supervisors.

            We understand that the symbol on the seal represents the historical roots of the county of Los Angeles, which was first founded as a Catholic mission. In a number of places people have sought to resist the ACLU saying that the symbols of the Christian faith upon seals and edifices are part of the heritage of America. My feeling is that they should be handled more directly. People should flatly say that this is a Christian country and if you have problems with that leave. There is a serious need for such a stand to be taken. The devil knows that the path of compromise eventually secures for him the victory.

            But for right now getting the seal issue on the ballot and allowing citizens to decide for themselves does look like a good move. There might be enough practicing Catholics and Bible believing Christians to temporarily save the seal. But people in this country need to understand that organizations like the ACLU are really not interested in the will of the majority. That is a principle of a democratic society and these people are not about democracies. They are about a secular or pagan state ruled by an elite of which they intend to be a part.

            Awhile back the question of whether or not the American Civil Liberties Union along with the NEA should be looked upon as a terrorist organization was raised. If terrorism is defined as seeking to disrupt a society for the purpose of taking it over by the foul means of intimidation is the definition, then it certainly qualifies. Rabbi Lapin pointed out that when the Muslims took over Spain they removed every sign of the cross just like the ACLU is trying to do. He said “I always say, Israel’s safety belt is America’s Bible Belt. As long as Americans respect the cross, Jews and other minorities are safe. In post-Christian Europe, anti-Semitism is rife.”

            Let there be no mistake. The real issue in the work of the ACLU is not the symbols of Christianity any more than the symbols are the issue for Islam. The issue is the real Lord Jesus Christ before whom the members of the ACLU like all the rest of the world must one day bow. All their efforts to destroy the Christian faith will not keep that day from coming. It might even hasten it.

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