A Look at Nancy Pelosi

Dr. Michael L. Ford

15 February 2007


            For over two years now I have been studying the significance of the prophecy “a woman shall compass a man,” found in Jeremiah 31. It is connected with the founding of the State of Israel and the beginning of the end of the age. Part of the result of this study is it has made me keen to watch with interest the careers and lives of women who come to power in all fields of endeavor but particularly in government.

            As the prophetic fulfillment has unfolded it has become more and more apparent those women who might be characterized as evil are elitist with a strong sense of entitlement. Take Mrs. Pelosi for example. In the course of her rise to fame we have learned that illegal aliens could be beneficial to family business interests in the USA. The original structure of the minimum wage increase would benefit her interests in the islands, and so forth. Then she demands an airplane to transport her back and forth that seems to have pretensions to presidential status.

            When she was elected Speaker, an e-mail article said she had said she was now the most powerful woman in the world. I lost that message and when I went out on the net to recover it I found only one site of unknown quality that had the story. But, there were plenty declaring her powerful status. Watching her I conclude that if she did not say it, she nevertheless believes it. Everybody is talking about Hillary, but Pelosi could be the most dangerous of females in the Democrat Party.

            Right now it is expected that any day, Speaker Pelosi will release her bill that could squash our right to petition the government. This is evidence she and her fellow travelers care nothing for American freedom, or rights under the Constitution. Watching her I believe she is working with a self serving agenda that has nothing to do with patriotism or loyalty to the United States, which makes her fit in well with people on both sides of the aisle in Congress. Speaker Pelosi also fits in well with the negative aspect of Jeremiah’s prophecy. The evil women in this scenario are doing their best to drive the good ones from the public arena. They serve well their Infernal Master.

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