The Continuing Value of VBS	

	It sometimes seems that people no longer place value on
things churches have invested in and performed for many years. The
Twentieth Century phenomenon of Vacation Bible Schools seems
to be one of those things. The reason I say that people do not seem
to value VBS as well as other activities is the difficulty encountered
with getting people to volunteer and participate. People always find
time for the things they place value on.
	Vacation Bible School promises to be a more important
tool for the outreach of the church than ever in the Twenty-First
Century. The reason for this is that this is a non-invasive
opportunity to reach inside homes in the community every year.
And, since people have become more isolationist within their homes
this is an important consideration.
	VBS is a fun thing for people, especially children, to do at
church. It gives them a different perspective of the church and the
people in it. Those who are not part of the church often view
churches as places where people "go and get yelled at." The
experience of being with people who are doing fun things with them
while they are being taught the Gospel produce memories that are
never forgotten.
	As a tool for follow up evangelism Vacation Bible School
has immense potential that can be used through the process of
registration. From that we get a list of people, phone numbers, and
addresses that have some interest in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Through the year we can follow up on these contacts to try to win
whole families.
	For the program to work it must have your support with a
commitment to the things happening within the VBS Program.
There is nothing available to replace the good VBS can do..

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