Christian Disaster Relief Ignored by Media


Having seen it happen in previous years, I am perhaps more sensitized to it than ever. What I am talking about is how the media ignores the work of Christians in reaching out to people in time of need. It really caught my attention in 1992 when Hurricane Andrew ravaged South Florida, and I have been watching it happen over and over again ever since.

There are a number of denominations that become involved in relief efforts during Hurricane Charley, but have you heard about them in the press? In the past decade Southern Baptists have increased the number of disaster relief units that they have from about 60 to 498, mostly owned by State conventions. At least 175 of those unites will participate in relief for the victims of Hurricane Charley over several weeks time. Overlooking such a significant contribution to meeting people’s needs cannot be an accident.

More than 70 Baptist units had been activated by mid-afternoon August 16th. Hurricane Charley occurred on the 13th. That kind of disaster relief, coming from out of State, from people who have jobs, and homes, and families should not be considered unworthy of notice in anyone’s estimation. So why is the response of Christians to those touched by this calamity overlooked? It certainly is significant!

Of course Christians don’t do good deeds for the praise of men. But it would be nice if men were to see the good works and glorify the Father in Heaven. A lot of people who have been hurt in this disaster will be asking why God allowed it to happen? Many Christians believe that it is so His people can show His love, and share the Salvation message through them.

We realize that when we provide meals the Red Cross serves they will be interested in seeing their work acknowledged, not the labors of those who make it possible. They promote their own efforts as a money raising tool. Funding for what Christian organizations do comes not from Red Cross or Federal agencies but from Christians who want to share the Gospel. The prince of this world is not interested in seeing that happen

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